“No More Booze in Downtown Puyallup?” Discussions

We noticed a growing discussion in a recent post about the possible denial of liquor license permits to new businesses in downtown Puyallup. Below are some of the comments for this growing discussion. Please click here to read the full article and add your own opinion:

No more booze in downtown Puyallup?

“Sounds like a good ol fashion Salem witch hunt to me. This country is built on freedoms and rights and thousands of men and women have died defending that right. Even if you agree or disagree with it. If you personally take offense to something. Then you do have that right to complain. And if you attempt to deny someone the right to there lively hood. Then all that will do is cause frustration and anger. I’m not defending the right to have alcohol. I’m defending the right to have and own your own business. Rather the work to eliminate the business’s then I’d call those business owners together and discuss the concerns. For example ensure the alcohol business owners follow the letter to the law. Rowdy customers should be escorted from the business’s. Also refuse to serve drinks to a person before they get slobbering drunk.

Also strongly encourage safe rides home, Designated driver programs and co-operate with law enforcement. I would also go as far as to ask the alcohol business owners to chip in (or) ask them to buy cameras to put up outside to help protect the surroundinh business’s from angry drunk customers. Playing devils advocate here. I’m sure that if I visit the non-alcohol business then I can find something offensive there. Even if it’s a bumper sticker or something considered trivial. And if I do find something like that. Then do I ask that business to pack up, move or even close down? No. Instead all the business owners should come together and work the potential issues and concerns. Or stand by for heavy rolls as we say in the Navy.” -Bob

“The problem is that Downtown Puyallup in the evenings is so popular and congested that traffic is a nightmare and there is nowhere to park. Allowing yet another competing alcohol serving small business to enter the equation will simply overwhelm Downtown Puyallup. Patrons will need to be bussed in and employees will perhaps need to carpool. Maybe set up a Downtown Puyallup commuting van just for this purpose. Plus, everyone knows that alchohol is the root cause of social problems. Frozen yogurt, that’s the economic future of Downtown Puyallup nightlife…..” -Alan

“Prohibitions have never achieved their intended goals because people figure out ways to have what they want anyway. All the denial will accomplish is cause more crowding, and the people will still get the alcohol they are looking for. Trying to bring about responsible behavior by irresponsible actions can only make the problem worse.” -Millard

“I can see both sides of the issue, there’s a morality aspect of it but at the same time we shouldn’t limit the growth of our businesses in the city.” -Jamie

“I’d like to go on record that I am in full support of Puyallup River Ale House.”

It’s surprising that a town would prefer a storefront to remain empty rather than welcome a new business that’s locally family owned. Support the new alehouse, local families, the continued revitalization of downtown Puyallup, and entrepreneurship in Washington State. Stand firm against this petition.” -Tiffany

“OK they are restaurants. A few are dumps that does bring in a bad element once in a while. What Puyallup River is bringing is some class to the downtown. Are you kidding me? Who are these business owners that has a problem bringing a better element into downtown? Parking has always been a problem downtown but the Puyallup City Counsel sees fit to charge new businesses 1000s of dollars for that( unless your friends like the owners of Fireside Pizza then you pay 0) then actually help with the problem.” -Ron

“This is ridiculous. Puyallup should welcome the Puyallup River Alehouse with open arms. This is an establishment with quality local ownership with genuine care and connection to the community. Don’t be fooled into signing this petition. Let you money do the talking. Go meet the folks behind it. Have a beer. Listen. Then decide with your wallet. Legislating against the American Dream is not the answer.” -Chris

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  1. Near Downtown Puyallup Safeway is a small old gas station which is in the process of being transformed into a Steak & Salad restaurant.. I notice that progress on the build out of this new establishment (in a rundown old building that hasn’t been used for years) has all but come to a STOP. I wonder why?

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