14th Annual Tour of Remodeled Homes

The Master Builders Association of Pierce County had their tour of remodeled homes on October 1st and 2nd 2011. The following were tour participants: Phase II Inc. in DuPont, Renewals, Remodels, and Additions in University Place, Home Makeovers Made Simple in University Place, MRF Construction, Inc. in North Tacoma, Reier Construction, LLC in North Tacoma, M.R. Construction in North Tacoma, H. York Enterprises, LLC in North Tacoma, Zetterberg Custom Homes & Remodels in Puyallup, Dizon, LLC in Puyallup, and Blue Dolfin Interiors in Parkland. Event tickets were $15 in advance and $20 at the day of the event.

Eddy Dizon, a builder and remodeler for Dizon Construction, described the event, “The tour of homes took place in a number of homes in Pierce County. Builders that were entered into this event attracted consumers who are considering doing a remodel. The main purpose why we are doing this event is to help Multi-Care Mary Bridge “Helping Hands” fund; which helps patients and their families with non medical needs such as: transportation costs to doctor appointments, etc. Individuals is the foremost a majority of our profits in form of check at the end of the event. We are also doing this event to attract people and give them ideas on what remodel options are available including the cost of a project and timeframe.”

Eddy explained some brief history of the event, “Street of Dreams was a basically a tour of brand new construction homes that had above and beyond the basic needs of a home. To compare the T.O.R.H. (tour of remodeled homes) was created the same feel but for remodeled houses.” When asked how the event was going, Eddy replied, “Perfect because there are a number of people who are interested and excited about remodeling their home. This is my fourth year doing this and all have been in Puyallup; primarily a Puyallup tour home.”

Eddy feels the best thing about the event, “Being able to help under privileged families and that’s what Jesus is commanding me to do.” He feels that this event is unique than others, “Because you have the best builder and remodeler getting together in Pierce County…And uniting to seed into what Mary Bridge is doing with the community.” When asked who he recommended attend the event, he replied, “I recommend people who are considering a remodel despite the size of the project.”

Paula Ritola, volunteer for the Master Builders Association for Pierce County, has volunteered for this event three years. Paula explained, “The tours of remodeled homes vary on the degree of remodel by location. This particular home is a kitchen only remodel.” She expressed what she thought of the event, “I think it’s encouraging to see the amount of traffic, which is an indication that the economy maybe rebounding.”

Paula feels the best thing about the event, “The finished products…beautiful (Paula laughs)…Just the detail into this kitchen here in particular, is just amazing how space is used…just what they can do.” When asked who she recommended attend the event, Paul replied, “Anybody interior designers, (in the industry), anyone who’s considering remodeling it just opens your mind to different ideas. I look at some of the things and I would never think to do…definitely value added.”

Marianne Lindsey, a customer at the event, explained why she was interested in the event, “I have an older home and looking to update some things.” She expressed what she thought of the event, “I think it’s a great opportunity to see several things: the community and what you live in, the expertise and what’s available to embark on such a project, and to personally speak to contractors, architects, and interior design personnel.” Marianne feels the best thing about the event, “That it happens on a yearly basis and involves several different communities within the Puget Sound area.”

Marianne shared what many people may not know about the event, “That you personally are able to speak to people that have been responsible for the home design that you use: contractors, interior design, and they are there on site and get an impression if you want to hire them to do your project in your home.” She discussed how the event was unique compared to other events, “You can personally speak to these people on site. Normally nobody’s there to speak with you and these people make themselves available. There’s a great importance of being able to interface with them and you can see their work but how will you know if you have a good working relationship with them unless you can talk with them?”

When asked who she recommended attend this event, Marianne replied, “Anyone that’s thinking of any kind of update or remodel project on their home and if you just want a fun afternoon especially since it benefits the children’s hospital.”

For more information about the event, please visit: http://mba-tour.com/. Paula expressed, “I just want to express gratitude to the M.B.A. (Master Builders Association of Pierce County) for the individual or organization that has been selected for the proceeds to go to. Multi-Care is the benefit.” “Building dreams, building up people,” Eddy added. “If you’ve missed it this year, make sure you go next year,” Marianne concluded.

By: Carly Calabrese, staff for Tacoma.com