Month: June 2011

Aim for AIM mail center in Lakewood

AIM mail center, located on 100th Street Southwest in Lakewood, has been in existence for approximately 10 years. The successful AIM mail center is comparable to a post office or FedEx, as mailboxes, shipping, and copying services are available. However, AIM is unique in the sense that some of the mail center services are provided
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Three best parks for walking in Tacoma

As many walkers know, good parks with trails are hard to find. That is why we have chosen the best three parks for walkers in Tacoma. Those three are: Wapato Park, Nature Center, and Point Defiance Park. Wapato Park, located at South Sheridan in Tacoma (off I-5 near 72nd street exit), has a walking trail
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This is ice cream, popcorn, and chocolate like you had as a kid.

The Great Northwest Popcorn and Confections store, located on Pacific Avenue in the historic district of downtown Tacoma, is definitely one store you have to visit. The neighborhood is full of turn of the century renovated warehouses, many of which still capture the feel of the late 1800’s. The smell of freshly popped popcorn and
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