Month: August 2011

Northwest Advanced Medical Massage

Northwest Advanced Medical Massage is located at 15406 Meridian East, Ste. 105 in Puyallup (behind Dairy Queen). Richard Wills, co-owner of the business with his wife Samantha Hayden both treat migraine headaches, neck and shoulder pain, tingling arms and/or hands, lower back pain, numbness or tingling in legs or feet, Morton’s Toe (the second toe
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Help a Child- Fill the Canoe for the Red Canoe Credit Unions

“Fill the Canoe” is a fundraiser that the Red Canoe Credit Unions across the state are participating in. The Red Canoe Credit Unions are committed to serve their membership and community. They are collecting donated school supplies for children in the community. The city of Puyallup is collecting school supplies August 1st through the 19th
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The Tacoma Comedy Club

Want a good laugh, food, and a nice environment? The Tacoma Comedy Club opened at the 933 Market Street location in Tacoma in March 2011. Adam Norwest, president of the Tacoma Comedy Club, explained the history, “I’m a stand-up comedian…been doing it since 2004 and I perform all over the country. We found Seattle has
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