3rd annual 2013 Living Pink Pageant

Saturday, April 6, at 7 pm a pageant for warriors and survivors of breast cancer will take place at 1500 Broadway Tacoma, WA 98402. According to Vivian LeCher, owner/performer of LeCher entertainment, the purpose of the event is to have survivors of breast cancer supporting the community and bringing awareness of breast cancer to the community.

Vivian discussed LeCher entertainment’s goal: “Our goal is to strengthen community through fundraising and helping non-profit organizations. We come in and raise funds for them. We have raised money for the diabetes organization, AIDS Housing Association of Tacoma, Stand Up for kids that are homeless, and the Phoede House (a house that helps women with alcohol and drug addictions). LeCher entertainment has been around for three years.”

When asked who she recommended attend the Living Pink Pageant, Vivian replied, “Anyone that is a survivor or warriors of breast cancer definitely want to come to this event to feel love, support, and beauty. One thing women feel that I’ve heard from them that this event makes their self esteem so amazing. They feel beautiful and amazing and get all dolled up and hear people say “you’re so beautiful.” I don’t like saying it’s ‘a beauty pageant’, it’s about celebrating life and making these women feel amazing. We are not judging them on their beauty, we are voting and cheering them on for being amazing and supporting them for surviving breast cancer. It’s celebrating life and raising money for a good cause.

We do in a fun way and dress them up as drag queens (Sephora does over the top make up), and I have a jewelry company donating jewelry they have big beautiful bling at the pageant. Every girl will get a crown, but there will be one queen and four princesses. The cool thing about this is that they get to keep all the crowns, jewelry, and be presented with flowers as well. The queen gets a crown, flowers, a sash that says “Living Pink 2013” and their own set of earrings and jewelry.

The jewelry is from the company “Raining Rhinestones” and my friend owns it. She came and donated last year and it’s such an amazing time that she’s donating again this year. This year is absolutely amazing jewelry. It’s stage jewelry with a lot of bling.”

Vivian commented on the Living Pink Pageant: “I think Living Pink is an amazing event that not only raises funds for the early detection programs with the Carol Milgard “first look voucher program” but, to me it’s important to have this program continue because if you’re under 35 years of age and are uninsured and need a mammogram, insurance doesn’t cover it and if you’re insured, it’s expensive. With this voucher program, it’s free we are raising money for that, too. With the voucher, you can go to your doctor or anywhere to get mammogram. It’s about awareness, saving lives, and celebrating life; that’s what Living Pink is, sisterhood. That’s how I feel Living Pink is and my 5 year goal is: I would like to see Living Pink grow nationally. I’m actually hoping to get in Pennsylvania. I think this Pageant’s going go big as it’s very inspiring and it’s very touching to be able see these women and how they survived something so traumatic. To them, this pageant brings a lot of love and support. I’m very happy to be a part of it.”

Vivian mentioned the best thing about the Living Pink Pageant: “The make-up, hair, and outfits. I just think how these women strut their stuff on stage, it just tickles me that they are having so much fun and they’re getting out of their boxes and they just light up and glow “look at me I’m beautiful” they’re having a blast and that’s what makes it special and amazing about the pageant.”

Vivian revealed what many people may not know about the Living Pink Pageant: “Behind the scenes, people don’t get to see what needs to be out there. Behind the scenes in the back room the bonding, sisterhood, and the support of one another. These women have become friends for years 2011 girls with 2012; all of them are friends on Facebook and all have bonded and made a sisterhood. It’s very special and something that everyone should know.”

Those that are interested in attending, tickets are $25 for adults, $15 for youth, and children are free. Tickets are sold only online at: LeCherProductions.com. The deadline to register is Friday, April 5, 2013. People can donate online even if they cannot attend. “I think that definitely come enjoy and celebrate with us; this is going to be an awesome event. We have the mistress of ceremonies: Michelle Millman, from Channel 7 Kiro TV helping breast cancer survivors as our M.C. introducing contestants,” Vivian concluded.


By: Carly Calabrese, staff for Tacoma.com

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  1. Thanks Carly for another great event to see and tell others about. I’ve always supported events such as this and Relay For Life. On another topic the first picture the woman in pink.. What wild hair.

  2. I have had the pleasure of attending both of the previous Living Pink Pageants & I can tell you….it was amazing! Its not just for cancer survivors…..its a great community event that so many people can enjoy! Its not what you would think of when you say “pageant” so don’t let that scare you away! I’m not a fan of pageants…..this is more of a celebration of life & laughter, which is so important to any of our survival! I encourage everyone to go & have some fun! You won’t regret it! Besides….what girl doesn’t secretly want to be a Drag Queen??

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