3rd Annual “Marriage Does Matter – Marriage God’s Way”

The 3rd annual Marriage Does Matter – Marriage God’s Way seminar will take place Saturday, May 18, from 6 pm to 9 pm at Pacific Grill in Tacoma. The Pacific Grill restaurant is located at 1502 Pacific Avenue Tacoma, WA 98402.

The seminar is intended for singles age 18 and over with intentions of getting married: married couples wanting relationship enrichment, separated couples and married couples whose relationships are crumbling and want to save their marriage. Couples who want to know what the Bible says about marriage.

According to www.StrongMarriages.org: “Roy Anderson, speaker at this event, is a licensed marriage and family therapist for thirty-five years. Roy became an ordained minister in 1980, and served as a pastor in the local church until 2004. He now serves as Director for Strong Marriages International.

“Roy is a Clinical member of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists and the American Association of Christian Counselors. He is a Training Associate for Interpersonal Communication Programs teaching, training and mentoring couples who want to become certified Couple Communication instructors. Roy is also a Seminar Director for Prepare/Enrich equipping pastors and counselors in using these highly acclaimed assessment inventories.

“Roy has been married to his wife, Ethel for 43 years. Ethel is a Certified Neuroscience Registered Nurse who retired in 2004 to partner with Roy in their marriage ministry. She enjoys participating with Roy in leading Couple Communication seminars & retreats, and traveling abroad to work with other churches.

“Together, their mission is to encourage and strengthen the relationships of pastors and their spouses and to empower leadership couples in the local church, nationally and internationally, to develop an effective and sustainable marriage ministry.”

Pastor Darryl and April Simmons of Spoken Word Ministries/Founders of Speaking Life to the World Developers Outreach and Sponsors of the Marriage Does Matters upcoming event, explained the definition of “help-mate” and “agape”: “When Adam was alone in the Garden of Eden the Lord God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will help meet him. God gave Eve to Adam and He reference her as a Help meet, (one who helps, and supports) another. “Agape,” is the Greek word for Love in the Bible. It is the kind of Love God shows to the people; it is unconditional love, sacrificial, selfless love.”

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Dinner will be served at this one day seminar. Pastor Darryl and April Simmons are the founders of Marriage Does Matter; they were prompted by the witness of numeral broken families today. They have such a compassion for uniting the family unit, because they understand the solidity of a firm family unit starts at home.

Pastor Darryl stated: “Understanding that marriage is a covenant between God, male & female, we have taken our place to ensure that this covenant stands healthy, remains strong, and what may have been broken; we assist in mending by the Word of God.

Marriage Does Matter Marriage God’s Way, is inspired by Elder Tyrone Holcomb of Central Texas, author of Marriage Matters, Marriage Matters -Learning to Love like God, and Marriage Medicine.”

April Simmons added, “This event is sponsored by Spoken Word Ministries, Outreach Program, Speaking Life to the World Developers, our “slogan” is, Removing Walls and Breaking Barrier’s. This slogan was not so easily chosen. A part of our mission is to assist in the uniting of local ministries to be joined together in the work of the Lord. “We are better together.” We should be reminded we need each other’s support.”

When asked if this event was a fundraiser, April replied, “This year’s event is not a fundraiser, however is currently in transition to become a fundraising event as we approach 2015. Monies received will be used for the planning of future Marriage Does Matter events, tools to strengthen marriages & families, and the building of community development.”

Darryl wanted to ensure we knew that, “This seminar is not based on what I, nor what we as a whole “think”, but what we believe. What we believe and stand on are the Biblical Principles of God. This seminar is to reiterate such principles and according to the covenant between God, male and female.”

Darryl commented on the best thing about this seminar, “This seminar teaches biblical principles, about the union and unity of marriage for married couples and also teaches those that are single how to keep themselves until they have entered the covenant of marriage.”

April explained how this seminar is different compared to others, “This seminar is coming together and is unique in the sense that we offer Spiritual life couching for free. Many of our speakers have been married for over two decades, something that is gradually fading in marriage today. Real life experience and mature mentors is priceless, who can put a price on it! Most do! Surely it beats the messenger, who just read the book on how to improve your marriage, and having zero experience.”

Those that are interested in attending, have to register no later than April 30. The cost is $65/Couples and $35/Singles. Check or cash is accepted. Please make all checks payable to:

Spoken Word Ministries and they can be mailed to: Spoken Word Ministries 15413 1st Ave CT S. Bldg H Tacoma, WA 98444. Professional photo opportunity will be available. Photos will be taken by D&D Photos and there is a 10% military discount for photos.

For more information, please contact Spoken Words Ministries at 253-503-6562 or email Nicola Herrero at nspeakinglife@jcswm.org. Their website is: website at www.jcswm.org.

By: Carly Calabrese, staff for Tacoma.com

8 thoughts on “3rd Annual “Marriage Does Matter – Marriage God’s Way””

  1. Marriage truly does matter. Thank God that He thought enough about us to put the plan of marriage in His Holy Word. God bless everyone, who attends this event.

  2. Nicola Herrero

    Having attended the first and second Marriage Does Matter, “Marriage God’s Way” seminar has only encouraged me to attend this years 3rd annual event as well. To be in the midst of those whom encounter and face the same marital trials as myself has helped both my spouse and I to know that we are no different from the couple next door. Rich or poor; despite ethnicity or culture, marriage is marriage. The good and the tough. Most will say, “the good & the bad”, but as soon as one is able to learn, understand and look at marriage, God’s way, there really is no “bad” at all. In the words of my Pastor & First Lady Simmons, “The revelation does make a difference”. To be embraced with genuine love, to be guided through words of wisdom, and empowered by the Word of God is a life changing experience in itself. I’ll be the first to admit that in the past, my spouse and I based our attendance by the cost of our event ticket. For us today, this is no longer a concern. What does concern us is the going rate to file for a divorce. To put a dollar amount on a divorce, I find bothersome. But to contribute a minimal amount to one’s marriage is a major investment. Through steps and the application of God’s Word, great is the reward! ~ Married 10 yrs into a lifetime

  3. I thank God for our ministry and where He has placed us! This event is for singles, like me, who yearn and want to learn from others for a blessed marriage with someone who knows God and understands what it takes to enjoy being married and working through and accepting ones differences, even through difficult times.

    It’s all in the title…Marriage Does Matter!

  4. Praise the Lord! I am super excited to attend the Marriage Does Matter event this year. I know we are going to have an amazing time. I am ready to dress up, have fun and learn more great ways to love my Husband God’s way. Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

    1. Learning is not nearly as exciting and wonderful as actually experiencing real love in a marriage. Falling in love at first sight. It’s real. Having the desire to make that other person in your life truly happy. It’s real. Being there for them in all times of need no matter what. It’s real.

  5. Awesome! I know God will move mightly on the behalf of all that attend, believe and stand on His word.

  6. Praise The Lord!

    Marriage was and is the Father’s idea. And I know this event hosted by Pastor’s Darryl and April Simmons will be a tremendous blessing to all that attend. Thanks to both of you for your willingness to help couples build a strong Christian marriage.

    God Bless
    Pastors Fred and Michelle Moore

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