4th annual Huff, Puff, and Stuff Jazzercise Classes, Thanksgiving Morning and Black Friday

Being health conscious during the holidays can be hard. With all of the rich foods and traditional stomach stuffing, your exercise routine can take a beating. South Hill Jazzercise has a way to help you stay fit, and help others be fed. On Thanksgiving Day, a “Huff, Puff, and Stuff” Jazzercise class, and a “Turkey Burn” class will be held on Black Friday at 9:30am, after you’ve either slept in or hit the early morning shopping crowds. Both classes will be held at the Meridian Habitat Community Center in Puyallup, and are free and open to the public with donation of a food item. Donations received benefit the Angel One Foundation Food Bank.

Jazzercise is a one hour exercise class, split between 30 minutes of cardio dancing and 30 minutes of stretches, targeted exercise and strength training.  It is recommended that attendees bring a towel and water bottle. There will be door prizes at these special class events.

Ellen Hull is a certified Jazzercise Instructor at South Hill Jazzercise. She tells us that this event has become a great way to give back to our community, and invites everyone in to Jazzercise. She says “It’s fun to see “class regulars” bring their kids and spouses to experience what their workout is like.  Jazzercise is not the typical gym workout class — it has some very social aspects to the program as well.  Great friendships and camaraderie develops in these classes.“

To give yourself a lift on your Thanksgiving Day, Ellen suggests: “Put that bird in the oven and come out and get your workout done!  Be home, showered, and ready for that well-deserved meal after you have worked hard for it.”

This event is for all ages and fitness levels.  The classes show both low impact versions of the exercises to allow everyone to be comfortable participating at their skill and fitness level. “This class will give everyone the opportunity to experience what Jazzercise is like on a day that brings us all together and we have reason to be thankful.“

Flyer available for download.

Thanksgiving Day, “Huff, Puff, and Stuff” Jazzercise class, November 27 at 9am.
Black Friday, “Turkey Burn” Jazzercise class, November 28 at 9:30am.
Pierce County Parks and Recreation, Meridian Habitat Community Center,
14422 Meridian Ave E Puyallup, WA 98375.
Both classes are free and open to the public with donation of a food item.

For more information about these special classes, contact Ellen Hull with South Hill Jazzercise at (253) 381-4941.
For more information about Angel One Foundation Food Bank, call Jennifer at (253) 655-5550.

By: Carly Calabrese, staff for Tacoma.com
Edited by Reba Winstead, editor for Tacoma.com

2 thoughts on “4th annual Huff, Puff, and Stuff Jazzercise Classes, Thanksgiving Morning and Black Friday”

  1. This will be a great opportunity to give to those in need this season and check out a jazzercise class at the same time. Your local food bank appreciates your generous donations for local families who directly benefit from your gifts. Join us for a great workout and/or a good laugh with your friends and family as you dance, sweat, and pump weights with us!

  2. I will probably go to the Black Friday class, but not on Thanksgiving morning. 9 am is too early, can only handle 9:30 am. 🙂

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