A glimpse at a 24 year old self taught investor at Shari’s who can also unicycle!


Twenty four year old James Henrie likes to ride motorcycles and dirt bikes, hiking, and working out. He’s been working at Shari’s in Puyallup for a year as a server. James invests his money into mining stocks and silver. Prior to working at Shari’s, he worked at Apple Bee’s restaurant for three years, starting off as a host, then an expediter (someone who gets the food ready before it is served to the customers), and then worked as a server.

James was born in Redmond, Washington and lived in North Bend for most of his life until he moved to Puyallup, where his sister used to live. After dropping out of high school his junior year to attend St. John’s Military school in Kansas; he decided  to try a new route which was work construction. James later obtained his GED at age 18 and went to Bellevue Community College for six months before realizing school was not for him. “I realized I hated school and didn’t wanna go back…and realized it was a waste of time and money. I can go make money going and doing whatever…construction or serving tables. I’ve always been working and I love working;  it’s part of my life…always a big thing to me to be working…Since age 14 or 15 [I’ve been] working [one of James’ first jobs was] at my mom’s puppy store in Bellevue, “Absolutely Puppies.”

James explained what he did not like about school, “I think there’s too many people getting degrees in useless stuff…[James explained how not enough people are getting degrees in] manufacturing, farming, and agriculture…not enough people producing things that’s why we’re such debt with China. [Too many young people are] Getting loans and working at Burger King.”

James explained that he had a, “Great childhood…got almost everything I wanted. My parents always worked hard…dad city programmer for the City of Bellevue and my mom owned a puppy store and drove metro buses for King County.”

James feels his accomplishment that he is most proud of is, “All my investments I would say. Most 24 years olds don’t have as much invested stocks, commodities like I do.”

When asked what his personal goals were, James replied, “My main goal is to never have to worry about money and I don’t know…get super ripped. [James laughs] get really wealthy isn’t that what everybody else wants that you’ve interviewed?” James explained what motivates him, “I don’t wanna be the person needing welfare, [I’m] against using the system. There are 45 million people on food stamps I will never be one of them. I will always work, I will die before getting help from someone else,” he said.

James feels the best thing about himself, “I just think my drive and motivation to be something, always striving [to be better]…that drive should never leave you; whatever you do you…should just try to be the best and do it to your ability; that’s how I am pretty much.”

The most unique talent James has, “I can unicycle. I’m like the only person I know that can ride on a 6 foot unicycle…Kinda weird…boring. [James laughs].” He also explained that if he goes somewhere once, he will remember how to go there forever.

“I listen to mostly audio books. I like Robert Kiyosaki and Dale Carnegie “How to win friends and influence people.” James listens to mostly Christian and Country music; from Tim McGraw, Mercy Me (band), to some rock; Chili Peppers. James added, “I love Michael Jackson…his music, his dancing, he’s just cool.” James enjoys watching television shows and movies through Netflix. He likes the television show, “Gang Land”. “I watch documentaries and stuff I’m always trying to learn new things. If it’s mindless entertainment, I don’t watch it. [Some other things James watches] Political documentaries, conspiracy stuff [Kennedy’s]…health type documentaries too…Big into not eating processed food; not really into [eating] steak.” Some examples of documentaries that James watched includes: “Food Matters,” “Food Inc.,” and “Bigger, faster, stronger”. Movies that James enjoys, “Card playing movies [for example] “Rounders,” “Ocean’s Eleven,” “Inception”…thinker type movies…“Matrix” a long time ago but… thriller suspense [movies].”

When asked about his interest in sports, James replied, “I don’t watch any football, I like watching baseball. I don’t play sports anymore. I follow UFC fighters (MMA) mixed martial arts.”

When asked about James’ favorite food, he replied, “I love all food. That’s a hard question. I just really like to eat you know. I like to cook gourmet pizza, pretty much everything almost all vegan…a little bit of cheese different vegetable dishes, grilled whatever…you know.” When asked about his favorite pie from Shari’s, he liked all of them however, “Peanut butter chocolate silk is pretty good. I love all food. I like Asian food a lot, pho and teriyaki.” When asked if James baked, he replied, “Sometimes… used to bake cookies, cinnamon rolls…I’ve got a pretty bad sweet tooth. I’ve made multi grain bread.”

James’ pet peeves, “Oh my goodness one of my pet peeves. I hate whenever someone walks in the door [at Shari’s as a customer] and I ask them how they’re doing and they say “Two” (for two people). I hate that, it’s just rude.  I hate it when people come in and order a salad and they think it’s [healthier] and ask for twice as much dressing.” James explained how salads at Shari’s are approximately 1200 calories and how the Oriental salad at Apple Bee’s was 1600 calories.

James has two dogs; a boxer named Clorey, a miniature Schnauzer named Bailey, and a cat named Toby. To relieve stress, James works out, visits the steam room, partakes in hot yoga, walks, hikes, and does anything physical to wear him out so that he cannot think about his problem but how to fix it. James’ role model, “Jay Cutlar…really good businessmen…best body builder in world. Michael Jackson is such a good human, so good for humanity really gets into saving planet, loving…caring people.”

When asked three words to describe himself, James replied, “Daring, because I fly down the freeway at 160 mph on a crock rocket. Caring; a girlfriend got sick and I stayed in the hospital with her for eight hours for a urinary tract infection, and smart…I’m a thinker I spend three hours studying stocks I wanna get into.” (James is funny as well; he said to the Staff Writer, “Why do you want s’more pie? You haven’t had any yet.”)

James concludes with a quote that he wrote on his whiteboard from Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror Song,” “I’m starting with the man in the mirror I’m asking for him to make a change… no message could have been any clearer if you wanna make the world a better place take a look at yourself and make the change.” James added, “I really like business. I think that we should respect and care of our planet and I think we worry more about animals than people starving in other countries. We feed our dog before people that need food.”

Sometimes we meet unique individuals, they have their story to tell.  James’s life experience shows that, although a structured education is very important, education is not everything. It is the individual who triumphs by clearing obstacles and overcoming limitations in their life.