A hidden gem for Shopping and Dining

Exhibitors Boutique and Trellis Café located at 10312 120th Street in Puyallup, Washington has offered shopping and dining for 22 years.  Cheryl Densmore, the owner, purchased the business from Kimarie Johnson in April 2010. Cheryl commented, “Kimarie has been a blessing for helping me since I don’t have a background in it.” Cheryl, a military retiree, explained what she thinks of her business, “I love it. I knew I was supposed to be here because of the people here; the vendors they’ve become a family…a second or third family. My employees are the same way, my extended family. We’re tight and it’s like a home away from home. The uniqueness is what I like; hand crafted, repurposed items, retail, you name it, we pretty much got it. Our décor’ varies from: shabby chic, vintage, primitive, and more.”

Cheryl shared the best thing about her business, “A mix of everything. It’s very rare that a customer leaves without what they wanted, and they end up finding more. There are so many people in the area that do not know we’re here. (We sit behind St. Vincent De Paul off of Meridian).” Cheryl discussed that many people do not know that the Trellis café is in the Exhibitors Boutique. The café seats 24 people. Cheryl mentioned how her business is unique compared to other businesses, “We’re the only place I know that has a café in it. I think we’ve got a good mix between handcrafted, repurpose items, and retail; a really nice mix of things. We are not the “big box” (big chains: like Walmart, Target, or Pier One). We’re like the little shops in Sumner…Some of the shops in Sumner started here in a booth and expanded by getting their own shop. Others started up in Enumclaw, and one in Edgewood, Washington.”

When asked what items she recommended on the menu at the café, Cheryl replied, “The Cran-Raspberry salad is one of our top ones, Warm Italian Club, and our soups…Broccoli Cheddar, that’s huge, and the Potato Bacon soup everyone loves. (The most popular soup is the broccoli cheddar.) We have the best dessert which is our cook, Fran’s bread pudding.” Cheryl feels her boutique and café offers something for everyone, “There are American doll clothes for young girls and things for people that are older. We have baby clothes, there’s something for everybody even men during Father’s day we bring a lot of the ideas out front. We actually have a lot of men vendors it’s not just a bunch of women.” Cheryl recommends her family and friends to her business as well. “It’s a great place to sit down with your girlfriend and have an afternoon at a no rush café. We’re not about eating and getting the heck out. It’s about relaxing with your girlfriend and being pampered, and then going shopping afterward. You can shop before, or shop while your food’s being cooked,” Cheryl said.

For more information, please call: 253 841-0769. “Shop, dine, and unwind in a non pressure atmosphere. We always try to greet you when you come through the door, that’s our goal. For the most part it’s about taking care of our customers. Each vendor does their own special throughout the month. You never know when you come in and things are gonna be on sale…for example, one month Miche bags and next month Prim and Proper Shop (one of my vendors),” Cheryl concluded.

By: Carly Calabrese, staff for Tacoma.com