A new donut shop in Tacoma

Dockside Donuts located at 1112 Puyallup Avenue in Tacoma opened on December 1, 2011. Jim Yam, owner of Dockside Donuts, explained the history of his shop, “I have a background working with donuts in Philadelphia since 1985, when I worked for my dad. I have so many friends that work at a French bakery. At night time I worked for my dad and the daytime I would hang around with friends at the French bakery. I obtained some skills from them. We sell French croissants starting next week. [Some flavors include:] strawberry and cream cheese, blueberry and cream cheese, almond, and chocolate…and we’ll try to have apple cinnamon.”

Jim shared what he thought of his business, “Like my donuts, I try to get more new donuts that nobody has. A lot of people wanna try a new donut that they have never heard of. My next donut that I want to try to make will be cherry rum with almond icing. So, far we have a really popular donut called “twisted fruit” which is filled in raspberry and cream cheese. We have two different choices for that donut: raspberry and blueberry and both of them with cream cheese.” The best thing Jim feels about his business, is that he tries to create donuts that people have never had before.

Jim discussed how Dockside Donuts is unique compared to other donut shops, “To me, I have no complaints with my donuts and a lot of people have no complaints. The quality is high quality compared with other donut shops, there’s no comparison, high quality products. When you eat other donuts, you can tell the difference.” When asked what items he recommended on the menu, Jim replied, “The Hawaii coconut cream donut, that’s really good. Also, the twisted fruit donut and the caramel apple fritter. Our next donut will be a banana fritter (only select days of the week will the banana fritter will be available).”

When asked who he recommended come to his donut shop, Jim replied, “Everybody, as long as they come I’m happy.” When asked if he recommended his family and friends to his donut shop, Jim replied, “Oh yeah I like them to see how I’m doing.” For more information, please call: 253 572-9638.

By: Carly Calabrese, staff for Tacoma.com