ACM is Extending the VeeDub Exhibit, by Popular Demand

VeeDub Exhibit Extended Due to Popular DemandVW

The “People’s Car” is truly a popular car, and ACM is excited to announce that we will be extending the Volkswagen exhibit through Memorial Day, May 26.

VeeDub – Bohemian Beauties has been captivating visitors of all ages with the bright colors and fun shapes of these early air-cooled beauties. Part of the appeal to the exhibit are the personal stories behind these cars.

Most of the air-cooled VeeDubs on display come from private owners who graciously loaned their vehicles to the exhibit. One such owner is 12-year-old Joey Barrett, who with his father put their 1963 Herbie Love Bug recreation in the exhibit. The Barretts first acquired Herbie in 2008 and began renovating the vehicle. Joey was a huge fan of the Disney film “The Love Bug”, and was pretty excited to have his own Herbie.

Other vehicles in the exhibit are labors of love, including a 1965 Formcar MKIII Vee 65, on loan from Bill Simer and Renee Rolando. This car came in an unassembled Formcar kit, which the current owner purchased. The vehicle was assembled in 2000 and has been raced in SOVREN vintage race events. True to the unofficial Formula Vee motto, “you can spend more money racing something more sophisticated, but you can’t have more fun!”

You can learn more about the cars on display by visiting ACM’s interactive kiosk in the VeeDub – Bohemian Beauties exhibit.

Now there’s even more time to catch VeeDub – Bohemian Beauties at ACM. See photos of the exhibit on Facebook, and come visit us to learn more about these unique cars.


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