America’s Car Museum: By the Numbers

Construction is complete for LeMay – America’s Car Museum (ACM) as it recently received its Certificate of Occupancy from the city of Tacoma, Wash. Although the official grand opening is set for June 2, ACM is already hosting business meetings and conventions, weddings and, naturally, car club events.

ACM’s $60 million campus is one of the largest auto museums in the world, and is projected to add $34 million into the local economy each year. The four-level, 165,000-square foot facility, which began construction in June 2010, features a massive show field, rotating galleries, meeting space, car storage, a café/restaurant, banquet hall and administrative offices.

Here’s a “by-the-numbers” recap of the construction and other interesting ACM factoids:

  • 35,000,000: Pounds of concrete used to make the building.
  • 14,200: Total man hours to build ACM.
  • 2,000,000: Approximate poundage of steel reinforcing used during construction.
  • 150: Workers per-day (at peak) on the Museum construction site.
  • 79,000: Total square footage of ACM’s walls and roof.
  • 2,980: Sheets of 1 1/8th-inch plywood used to build the roof.
  • 1,923,406: Pounds of rebar utilized for the Museum.
  • 24.4: Miles of steel studs used. (Laid end-to-end, they would almost stretch from Tacoma to Seattle.)
  • 175: Average amount of vehicles that will be displayed each day at ACM.
  • 300: Amount of cars that will fit on ACM’s 3.5-acre grass show field.
  • 391,590 sq-ft. (9 acres): Dimensions of the entire ACM campus.
  • 200: Volunteers required to support the new Museum’s operations.
  • $50: Annual cost of ACM membership.
  • 6-2-12: ACM Grand Opening.

Additional details regarding the grand opening and upcoming events at America’s Car Museum can be found at

State Farm Presents LeMay – America’s Car Museum, set for a June 2012 opening in downtown Tacoma, Wash., explores how the automobile has fulfilled a distinctive role at the core of the American experience and shaped our society. The spacious Museum with rotating exhibits is designed to be the centerpiece for automotive history as well as an educational center and library. The campus, located adjacent to the Tacoma Dome, also contains a 3.5-acre show field, theatre, café, banquet hall and meeting facilities. To become an ACM member, volunteer or make a donation, visit (

Information provided by Eric Garner, PCGCampbell

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