America’s Car Museum Supports Local Businesses with “Shop 253” Initiative on Black Friday

The LeMay Car Museum is giving a $2 discount for the admission cost to attend the LeMay Car Museum on Friday, November 23, 2012 through Sunday, November 25, 2012 for those that bring a receipt from any business with a (253) area code that is dated on Friday, November 23, 2012. Michelle Rodriguez, marketing and communications coordinator, explained: “We are continuously trying to find new ways to give back to the community and it’s a great idea since everyone’s doing their after Thanksgiving shopping. It’s our way to strive for local support for local businesses and we are excited to launch this promotion and give back to the community.

253 area codes can include: Tacoma, Auburn, Bonney Lake, basically a whole list of cities, as long as 253 is the businesses’ area code that will make the receipt valid.

As a result, adults will be admitted to the museum for $12, military personnel, students, and seniors will be admitted for $10, and children age 5 through 12 will be admitted for $6.”

Michelle commented: “I think it’s a great way to drive our economic growth especially in with the downtown in our economy. And with people doing shopping, why wouldn’t we want to be a part of that and encourage some sort of incentive while people can also enjoy the day and see our museum. It’s a great way to give back and support our local businesses.”

When asked the best thing about the promotion, Michelle replied, “We just opened in June of 2012, and the fact that we’re here in Tacoma is the best thing about it. We’re contributing to the Tacoma community and the consumers that shop in Tacoma; which is a great incentive and tickets are $14 on average so $2 off is a great incentive and also drives more visitors; so I think everybody wins here.”

Showcase gallery on the main floor

Michelle discussed what many people may not know about the museum: “We are not your typical average museum, we consider ourselves an attraction. Our museum consists of 165,000 square feet with rotating exhibits and an attraction where we would like to appeal to all demographics. We’ve got race car simulators and exciting exhibits, like our alternative propulsion and custom coach work. We have everything for everyone which makes us pretty unique. We’re fun and exciting; and fun for everybody to enjoy.”

Michelle mentions how the museum is unique overall: “We try to make it really interactive as we want to appeal to our customers. We’ve tried incorporating unique and fun promotions. In October we had Justin Beiber at the Tacoma Dome, so we appealed to parental daycare for parents to attend the museum after they dropped their children off at Justin’s concert.

This December, Santa is coming to town. We get to invite families and kids with Santa in a classic 1906 Cadillac, that’s something you wouldn’t see at Macy’s or anywhere else but our museum. We want to reach out to demographics, make it interactive, and bring families for our simulators and slot cars (we have a ton of fun colored cars that children or adults have a blast with. They can pick a car and place it on the track and race the car. It’s similar to a match box car, but a little bigger. They place the car on the track and press a button and the car races). We’re not about reading about each automobile, when you’re here, you’re visiting your past and current experiences and relating them to the cars. We’re very different.”

Michelle recommends everyone to this promotion, “I would recommend everybody this is a promotion that appeals to many demographics: an older crowd to families. We have our gift shop for those who want to shop and our gift shop is doing 10% of all purchases with a 253 area code receipt; so you get more bang for your buck. We have free gift wrapping that day as well. It’s exciting, something everyone can take advantage of. You don’t have to be a car enthusiast; you can be just someone that likes to shop. Our gift shop has a ton of great stuff, too. We have anything from chocolate bars, match box cars, mugs, wine glasses, just a ton of things so I feel if you come for the weekend you’re getting a discount, a day to enjoy with your family, and the opportunity to spend time at the museum.”

For more information, please visit: “This is an initiative that highly encourages consumers, not just for the museum, we help drive our economic growth while giving back to the Tacoma community,” Michelle concluded.

By: Carly Calabrese, staff for

4 thoughts on “America’s Car Museum Supports Local Businesses with “Shop 253” Initiative on Black Friday”

  1. They have a race car simulator? That’s so cool. I had thought it was a typical car museum. But if they have much more then just looking at cars then I want to go check this place out. I wonder what else they have to make it more fun and interesting.

    1. I’ve been there for the preview of the grand opening of the museum with my boss (they had a nice dinner and a silent auction), then I went there alone for the grand opening of the museum (Jay Leno was there), had dinner, and they had fireworks and you could tour the museum, and then I went there for the Concord U.S. Bank event where you could tour special cars that were outside for a temporary time and that’s when I toured everything since I had never seen the museum the other 2 times.

  2. Carly sorry I missed it. Sounds like the grand opening was alot of fun. I also plan to visit this place sometime soon and see what it’s all about. Fob Bob C – lol I agree I think the race car simulator is something to look forward to. I’ve always enjoy looking at our car history. Wish I had the money to get into this hobbie. Thanks Carly. : )

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