Bike to Work Week, Sept 23-27

Bike to Work Week was created by Downtown On The Go, based on other city’s fall bike events. This week was chosen because it immediately follows the Metro Parks/City of Tacoma event, Downtown to Defiance: Sunday Parkways, another local bicycling event.

“Downtown On the Go is the transportation resource and advocate for downtown Tacoma. This means we help commuters find their transportation options and advocate for those options (more transit, more bike lanes, more walk able communities, etc.),” explained Kristina Walker, Downtown On the Go Manager.

Bike to Work Week runs from Monday, September 23, through Friday, September 27. This event is created by Downtown On the Go (DOTG), and sponsored by GeoEngineers. The program encourages bicycling as an underutilized form of transportation in the downtown Tacoma area. When bicycling to work, it keeps employees healthy, happy, frees up parking spaces for visitors and clients, and improves our environment.

Participants can track their trips at or using the smartphone apps Strava or RunKeeper. Every ride provides an entry into Bike to Work Week’s weekly drawings for $50 gift certificates to downtown Tacoma restaurants. Every participant receives a Group Health Ouch Pouch and a pair of new DOTG neon sunglasses.

Some of the featured Bike to Work Week events that are open to the public include:
Wednesday, September 25: Bike Around Downtown with the City Council
Show your leaders what’s great about downtown and what can use improvement on this casual 4 to 5 mile ride with a gathering after the bike ride at The Social.
(start at the City Hall on the St. Helens Avenue side at 6 pm)

Friday, September 27: Bike Pub Crawl
Join Bike to Work Week for an end of the week social by bike! The route will be determined at (start at the Harmon Hub at 5 pm)

Kristina explained that one goal of the event is for people that commute 5 miles or less, to consider alternatives to driving. DOTG also runs a Bike Buddy program that pairs up new and experienced bike riders for support and confidence in their commuting option and paths to take.

“Bike Month in May generates a lot of excitement. We wanted to spread out the excitement throughout the year so we created a fall Bike to Work Week. We know that a lot of commuters choose their mode of transportation purely out of habit. We want to give folks an opportunity to try cycling and then get set in their ways before winter comes. Trying biking for the first time in the winter doesn’t sound very fun but if you’re ready for it, it’s actually very doable.” She further explained.

For more information about Downtown On the Go,  visit: or find them on Facebook and Twitter.


By: Carly Calabrese, staff for
Edited by Reba Winstead, editor for