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Margaret Brown, volunteer for the Pierce County Hunger Advocates, explained what the Bread for the World organization is, “Bread for the World is a non-profit organization that is a non-partisan or by-partisan of Christian voices. Our goal is to urge law makers to end hunger and poverty at home and abroad.” Margaret explained details of the local chapter, “Our President is David Beckmann. Associated Ministries had a conference last winter and the keynote speaker, David Beckmann was there for Bread for the World. His main message was to encourage people to get out and work towards ending hunger locally, at the national level, and abroad.

People should read the book ‘Exodus for Hunger’, it’s really very exciting and his book is very interesting. We can eradicate hunger not just here, but around the world. The book is full of all sorts of steps that we can change. It’s part of the Associated Ministries conference. There were break-out sessions and people that were interested in certain activities met, and some people went to a meeting to start a local chapter. With the great help of the Associated Ministries, we had our first meeting in April. We decided to name ourselves the Pierce County Hunger Advocates and wanted to distinguish ourselves from Bread for the World since Bread for the World affects policies at state level, and they are mainly focused on national members of congress, whereas the Pierce County Hunger Advocates focus on local issues.”

Margaret shared what she thinks of the Bread for the World organization, “I really admire the work they do and what I particularly like about it is that in these very politically charged times, Bread for the World is non-partisan and people are coming together about things that matter, like talking about children and getting rid of hunger is something we really should be able to do with our nation’s resources.” She discussed the best thing about the organization, “The best thing is that it allows people like me to feel that they have a voice in the political affairs of this country. For example, Pierce County Hunger Advocates, a group from our local chapter met with Senator Cantwell’s staff recently and it was a very productive meeting. It’s nice because the Senator’s office is aware of the Bread for the World organization as a national presence. We were able to give it that local touch.”

Margaret discussed what many people may not know about the organization, “Many people may not know that Bread for the World is made up of people all over the country such as: Democrats, Republicans, and Independents that are involved to end hunger. We are not just a group of organizers in Washington D.C.; it’s much broader than that.” She mentioned the organization’s uniqueness, “I think it’s unique because it is a national umbrella group so that people in Washington State are working on the same issue in New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Wyoming. We’re all speaking with one voice and I think that’s very powerful. One voice is ending hunger and poverty.”

Margaret talked about current projects the local chapter has been working on: “We just finished promoting Bread for the World at the Hunger Walk and we are actively looking for new members. We will continue to meet with our elected officials especially during the lame duck session. We want to ask members of Congress to support programs to help the poor and hungry.”

When asked who she recommended become members/volunteers for Bread for the World, Margaret replied, “Anyone interested in advocating for poor and hungry people in Pierce County we’d love to join us.”

For more information, please visit: “Bread for the World has a theme that is called a ‘Circle of Protection’ and they are asking Congress to form a circle of protection to help the poor and the hungry. When we write a letter or email to congress to form the circle of protection, that’s at a National Level. Circle of protection is asking leaders to make sure Congress will not cut poor and hungry programs,” Margaret concluded.


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  1. First. Thank you and congratulations to the Pierce County Hunger Advocates for all the hard work and effort you put in. I wish you great success. With regards to world hunger and here in the U.S. What I find interesting (and I have no solid proof) is that it appears the US helps many other countries around with world with hunger. But does little for our own people. It’s a relief to finally see originations like this spreading out to help our own across this nation. And not to take away from the other countries and people who need the help. But those country’s leaders need to step up and eliminate the corruption interfering and start helping themselves. Thank you Carly for another great article.

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