Bryan Ngadimin

Bryan Ngadimin, a 17 year old international student at Green River Community College in Auburn, Washington shares his exciting life. Bryan who grew up in Jakarta, Indonesia started at Green River as a student in the fall of 2010, which is also the same time Bryan has worked as an international student ambassador for C.L.E.O. (Community Leadership Education and Outreach) program at Green River. “I wanted the opportunity to get more leadership, communication, and teamwork skills,” Bryan explained what lead him to this job.

Bryan shared what he thinks of his current job, “I really enjoy being an international student ambassador. I am learning new ideas and knowledge that I had not encountered yet, while sharing my ideas and knowledge to other people as well.” When asked the best thing about his career, Bryan replied, “The best thing about my current career is learning in depth leadership and communication skills. I also really love the idea that I have to make events at school for international students, which led me to learn to be more open minded towards others.”

Bryan discussed what many people may not know about his career as well as himself, “My career involves in making events for the campus; at least one event every quarter. My motto that people may not know about me is that I believe that if we have the will in doing something, we will be able to accomplish it, no matter how hard it is.” When asked three words to describe him, Bryan replied, “Work hard, play hard. This means that if we work hard, we will be able to enjoy what we did, while we will also be satisfying ourselves by the accomplishment.”

Aside from Bryan’s current position as an international student ambassador for the C.L.E.O. program at Green River, Bryan mentioned his background, “Back when I was in high school, I used to play basketball for my high school team, play a performance for my friend’s uncle’s wedding, volunteer to fundraise money for the Hope organization, do swimming competitions for my swimming clubs, and learn math three to four years in advance for my level.” As if that were not enough to be considered accomplishments, Bryan shared what he believes to be his biggest accomplishment, “My biggest accomplishment is being able to arrange big events which turnout a lot better than my expectations. I am also glad that I can work with people on a personal level and have the opportunity to work with people by learning and sharing new ideas. I hope to get more opportunities to work with other people to be able to learn from them, as well as share my knowledge with them.”

When asked what motivates him, Bryan responded, “My goals that I have set for myself, motivates me because if I do not reach the goal, I would really regret it for the rest of my life.” Bryan discussed his career goals, as well as his life goals in general, “My short term career goal is to make an event that can be very appreciated by the community. I want to get people in the community to be more involved with what is happening around the society. My life general goals are to transfer to a good university and get a job that can change the world to be a better place and contribute to the community. I want the world to know the impacts that I am able to bring in order to change the world into a better place.”

Aside from his involvement with the community, Bryan mentioned his hobbies and interests, “I love hanging out with friends, playing video games, watching movies, browsing the internet for articles to read on some new discovery or invention, traveling, playing guitar, and all kinds of sports.” When asked about his music, movie, and television interests, Bryan replied, “I love many different genres of music such as: rock, blues, and many more. One of the best musicians that I consider to be legitimate and a really great artist would be John Mayer. On the other hand, I like any kind of movies that consist of comedy and action.  My favorite TV shows would be Chuck, Glee, Supernatural, Family Guy, and the Simpsons.” When asked if he liked to read for pleasure, Bryan replied, “I like to read fiction novels because they tend to set the setting of the story beyond my expectations and imagination. This leads me to be able to think critically on how the setting of the story is supposed to look like.”

Some upcoming events that Bryan would like to promote at Green River, “Our Lunar New Year which will be held at the Green River Community College’s LC building on January 27, 2012.  My next event will be trying to bring project happiness to school to give out motivational speeches on why we should always be positive.” For more information about these events, please email Bryan at: A quote that Bryan wanted to share with readers, “Don’t worry, just give it your best shot, and try it out.” Maybe we should all take a little of Bryan’s advice.

By: Carly Calabrese, staff for