Buffalo Wild Wings Grill and Bar now open in Tacoma

Buffalo Wild Wings Grill and Bar opened on October 31, 2011, their first restaurant in Washington state. Located at 4219 South Steele Street in Tacoma; counting its new location, there are a total of 800 Buffalo Wild Wings Grill and Bar restaurants in 44 states. Buffalo Wild Wings Grill and Bar started in 1982 outside of Columbus, Ohio by founders Jim Disbrow and Scott Lowery. Jim and Scott were college kids who loved wings and were looking for a New York chicken wing restaurant outside New York, and came up with their own restaurant.

Daniel Banales, General Manager for Buffalo Wild Wings Grill and Bar in Tacoma, shared what he thinks of the new restaurant, “I think it’s a great concept, something we definitely needed in the Tacoma area. We will probably be the biggest opening the company’s ever had with sales.” Daniel mentioned the best thing about the restaurant, “Its wings, sports, and beer. It’s great for the Tacoma area…Can’t get any better than that for this area. We have 55 TVs and seven of them are 103 inches.”

Daniel also shared, “We have 16 different sauces for our wings and four dry seasonings.” His personal favorite menu item is the boneless wings with spicy garlic sauce. “We have 30 beers on tap,” Daniel said. Daniel shared how the Buffalo Wild Wings Grill and Bar is different compared to other restaurants, “We’re a sports bar; we’re not like other restaurants a couple are similar, but nowhere near the magnitude we are. We’ve got every single football game going on right now…pro football and college football nobody can compare to that.”

Daniel recommends any sports fan and believes it’s a family friendly place “and we carry all the sports,” he said. When asked if he recommended his family and friends to the Buffalo Wild Wings Grill and Bar, he replied, “Yeah, we’ve got a big dining room and patio and kids have fun, too. We have games for kids…little computer games they can take to their table.”

For more information about the restaurant, including the menu please visit: http://www.buffalowildwings.com or call: 253 473-7699.

By: Carly Calabrese, staff for Tacoma.com

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  1. Nice to see some growth in the restaurant industry, and especially if it’s here in Washington too.

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