Calling all singers: South Sound Classical Choir Seeks New Members

The South Sound Classical Choir is seeking new members. The choir meets Monday nights from 7 pm to 9 pm at Aylen Junior High School in Puyallup. Rehearsals start on September 9, for the season. David LaBerge, director of the South Sound Classical Choir, described the choir as, “A group of people who sing for the love of sound and personal nourishment it gives them, and who try to share that experience with audiences who attend their concerts.”

The South Sound Classical Choir was founded in January, 2003 by Doug Skelly and Ellen Malesis. The organization counted 40 members in the first year. The groups sings primarily classical music, but uses a broad definition of ‘classical’. That includes music from the renaissance (e.g. Thomas Tallis), Baroque (e.g., Handel), romantic (e.g., Mendelssohn), and modern periods (e.g., Copland, Rutter, Whitacre, Lauridsen).

If you have had some experience singing in groups, such as school choruses, church choirs, etc. you are encouraged to find out more about South Sound Classical Choir. To be a member, monthly dues are $15, which covers music scores. The first month is free for new members and scholarships are available for those that need financial assistance.

“Having conducted over 100 concerts with choirs of auditioned singers, I was surprised and pleased to find that this group of un-auditioned singers produces such a high level of tone quality, musical vitality, and musical phrasing. They routinely inspire audiences to give standing ovations,” commented the director, David.

The 2013 Holiday concert schedule is already planned, and includes:

Christmas Concerts. The Messiah Choruses
Sunday, Dec 1 at 3 pm at Pilgrim Lutheran Church, 10510 136th St. E, Puyallup
Friday, Dec 6 at 7:30 pm at Puyallup Methodist Church, 1919 Pioneer Ave, Puyallup
Sunday, Dec 8 at 3 pm at Mason United Methodist Church, 2710 N. Madison St., Tacoma
Friday, Dec 13 at 7:30 pm at Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church, 2306 Milton Way, Milton

Four spring concerts will take place in late April and early May and will be announced.

For more information about the South Sound Classical Choir, please call: 253-507-4183 or visit: “Like many other choirs there is a special need for tenors,” David concluded.

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11 thoughts on “Calling all singers: South Sound Classical Choir Seeks New Members”

  1. David LaBerge is the best director! It’s truly a wonderful experience to sing with him – he’s broadened my skill and range in the few short years I’ve sung with him and he makes every rehearsal fun.

  2. You must have been pretty excited when you found this group. I remember you saying that you love singing. Wish you the best if you decide to join.

  3. Dr. LaBerge has prepared
es for
 David’s knowledge and humor have raised us to new levels. I look forward to every session.

  4. Joyce Mork-O'Brien

    I’ve heard this wonderful choir perform many times, and am always blown away by the quality of the voices and the wide range of their selections – old favorites and new (to me) works from all over the world. Their Christmas concert is always a part of our family’s festivities!

  5. Margaret Woltjer

    A generation ago Tacoma was starting to think of itself as an “arts city;” two generations ago that would have been scoffed at, as this town was proud of its blue collar heritage, seemingly with no aspirations toward such a lofty status. It is wonderful to witness the merging of the two, with a greater diversity of folks of various ages, dress, race and economic status attending the various and sundry offerings of culture in this attractive city. I’ve enjoyed more of the choral arts in Tacoma since being a member of South Sound Classical Choir and come to appreciate traditions in singing I was not familiar with–and what a joy to be in the middle of a group of people who love music, harmonizing around me. What a thought, that this could be a microcosm of a world where people get along better, and occasionally make a joyful noise in the same place, regardless of ethnic background and beliefs.

    1. Gregory and Carole Ranger

      Several years ago my wife and I were invited
      to attend a Christmas event by the SC Choir. We
      enjoyed their performance very much. Since then
      we have looked forward to going to the SC Choir
      performances every year. It seems like the
      Choir and piano accompanier create more and
      more flawlessly beautiful music every time we
      attend. Thank you Margret.
      Greg and Carole Ranger

  6. susan anderson-newham

    I love singing in the SS Classical choir! Beautiful music and a wonderful group of warm and funny people. I always look forward to Monday evenings.

  7. Martha Scoville

    I have learned so much from our director, Dr. LaBerge. With humor, technical advice, and psychology (!), he has melded our many voices into one voice that produces a sustained rich musical sound. Every single Monday night rehearsal is a delight!

  8. Queen Elizabeth, of course

    If you didn’t get this the first time, the South Sound Classical Choir is a:
    *volunteer group of singers who
    *share their passion and joy and love for great music by
    *offering FREE CONCERTS to the greater South Sound, to
    *ensure our rich musical heritage is not forgotten, and
    *pass on that passion and joy and love to future generations.

    Love listening to this choir, love performing in this choir.

  9. I have attended the South Sound Classical Choir’s performances for the last three years. I am quite impressed by the quality of the sound that they produce. What impresses me most, however, is how happy the members of the choir are to be part of the choir. This is clearly an organization that is fun to be part of. The choir members I’ve talked with tell me that David LaBerge, the conductor, is bright, has taught them a lot, and is a joy to work with.

    I am proud that the South Sound has an organization like this. It is a pleasure hearing them.

    (I hear they need more tenors. If you are a tenor, don’t be shy, join them. They will welcome you with open arms!)

  10. Dr Kate Grieshaber

    Since Dr Laberge has been directing the choir I’ve attended concerts to find much delight in varied and interesting concerts in our area which add so much to the cultural life of the south sound. Wonderful seasonal fare!
    A retired music prof

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