Car Show Open House for the Tacoma Eagles Saturday, September 11, 2011

The Tacoma Eagles, who are social pioneers of fraternalism, have been a major positive influence on our state, country, and world and most importantly, our communities. For more than a century, the Eagles have assisted in the efforts to founding Mother’s Day, assisted with ending job discrimination based on age, and raise millions of dollars every year to combat heart disease and cancer. The Eagles also help handicapped children and basically make lives brighter for everyone.

The car show open house event will take place at the South Tacoma Aerie located at: 7037 S. Pine Street in Tacoma on Saturday, September 10th from noon to 11 pm. Ken Schmidt, worthy president of south Tacoma aerie #2933, is also the organizer of this membership drive which includes a car show, music, hamburgers, hot dogs, and chips (which will be for sale). Ken explained the purpose of the event, “The open house is designed to bring new members [to the Eagles]. Our motto is “People helping people.” We do try to do fundraising for the Worthy President and Madam’s President’s charities. Usually there’s a joint charity and there’s a specific charity that the madam and worthy president pick.” Ken describes a little more about the event, “Car show entry is $25, which covers a t-shirt and groceries. My sister is starting an embroidery shop business and purchased t-shirts, she’s donating the embroidery that has the Eagles emblem on the t-shirt. [There will be a] donated sweatshirt with a picture of a diner with hot rods on it (going to be auctioned). Don’t care about year, make, or model [of the cars for the car show] dust the bumper and wax it up [your car] if you want and show it.  We’ve got a 59 Hudson and a 59 Ford Cop car with memorabilia and 68 Riviera. The bottom line is to get people to come in and have prospective members and have fun with the music.” The following bands will be playing at the car show: Rock and Roll Magic and Class X (70-80’s rock). The event is free, with the exception of food and drinks. There will be an open bar as well.

Ken explained the purpose of the Eagles, “People helping people” right now we’re paying the bills like every club, they have memberships down…for instance, Elk’s lost over half their membership…Trying to get members back in and generate some funding and do more dinners and raffles and do “people helping people.” Ken shared what he thought of the Eagles, “I think it’s a fabulous organization or I wouldn’t be in the position that I am in. [It’s] for the people. I have seen shy people that have been changed and become more active and open and more friendly as time goes on because the group of people that we have here…the members.”

Ken provided details of how the Eagles was unique compared to other service organizations, “I think more eagles in the country and abroad than any other organization. It’s great; you can go to any Eagles [club location] with your membership card we [Ken and wife] took a trip to North Dakota everyone we walked into felt like we knew them for years…extremely friendly.” He explained what many people may not know about the Eagles, “That we are “people helping people” that is our motto and that is what we try to do. It’s about how you feel after helping someone (even something as menial as moving tables).”


Debi Stowe, worth secretary for almost four years, expressed the best thing about the Eagles, “The accomplishments that the eagles has done in past and continue to strive to help people in need.” Debi discussed the history of how the Eagles came about, “A group of men were sitting on logs in Seattle. The first Eagles was made in Seattle sitting around trying to figure out how to form a club and do a social club and do what they do. I do know they were trying to figure out a name for the club and saw an eagle fly across the sky and said, “Let’s call it the eagles,”…all about social club at first. Now it’s charity; they give millions of dollars to different charities nationwide.”

Debi mentioned what many people may not know about the Eagles, “I didn’t know about their charitable contributions…didn’t know that’s what they did. I didn’t know it was going to be a fun and enjoyable experience. I mean it’s changed me being involved in the Eagles and the incredible people I’ve met and the differences… the commadarie…The friends…the people has made a very big impact on me.”

Debi commented on who she recommended join the Eagles, “This is also a really good place for military that come here and don’t know anybody, or things to do places to see highly recommend checking us out.” When asked if she would be attending the open house event, she replied, “Oh yeah I’m in the band I play keyboard and sing.” Debi shared what she was most looking forward to at the event, “Besides playing music, I love to do that [play music] meeting new potential members bringing more people in.”

Ken shared who he recommended come to the Eagles’ open house event, “Anybody and everybody. To join one good club and become a member of one of the best organizations in the United States it really is a great the first three times I came in here and shook my hand and treated me like we were friends for years. One reason we came in is because our daughter belonged and we would come down and see her more for dinners and it escalated.  There’s a great group of people super…super people they’re helpful they’re friendly.” “Just like he says, “Everybody.” Kids, teens, adults, seniors, and anybody so that they can see what we’re all about and see what they can come away from it with,” Debi added.

Ken recommends anybody and everybody over the age of 18 to join the Eagles club. “Anybody and everybody…family…we are one of the few family oriented aeries in the area we invite the kids for events. We have an Easter egg hunt, turkey dinners, Halloween parties, Christmas parties for kids, Easter bunny for kids, the auxiliary (the women’s side) are phenomenal support for supporting the programs for the kids,” Ken commented. “It’s [Eagles club] relatively inexpensive to join yearly dues are inexpensive,” Ken added.

There will also be a raffle at the open house event. “Not just an automotive thing,” Ken stated in regards to the raffle items. What Ken’s looking forward to at the event, “New members we always need new members.” For more information about the event or the Eagles club, please call: 253 474-5637.

By: Carly Calabrese, staff for