Charlie Cardinal will be performing live music at the Forza coffee shop in Lakewood

This Sunday, September 4, 2011 from 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm at the Lakewood Forza Coffee shop located at: 10240 Bridgeport Way SW, Lakewood WA 98499 will have Charlie Cardinal, an independent singer/songwriter/voice over artist, perform his music and cover tunes to help introduce him to the local area. The event is free, “Forza is hosting my performance in their coffee house atmosphere, serving up good coffee, entertainment and an environment to relax and re-energize. Come get to know me and let me entertain you,” Charlie explained.
Charlie explained the history of his current gig, “I have been a singer song writer and performer since my teens. I have produced two CD’s of my original work and enjoy playing live. My Voice Over acting is a new undertaking on my part having been trained by one of the major voice over actors in the business, I am excited to begin this journey.” He explained what inspired him to be a musician, “Playing music and writing songs has always been an integral part of my life since a very early age. My day job is very different, as such is the case with many artists. I plan to carry on with my music and voice over endeavors well into my retirement years.”

Charlie further described his voice over and musician life, “My road is long having taken part in several talent showcases, playing in bands, performing in Germany, California, Washington, New York, and also privately in Nashville among others. When I felt I needed something extra to fill my life, I began giving one hour performances every Monday at a convalescent home , for over a year, where I experienced the joy at putting smiles back on their faces and watching them remember happy times related to the songs I sing. I am a Spiritual person, with a caring heart and the convalescent home bound people are in a world too often forgotten.”
At the event this Sunday, Charlie will be performing numerous songs from both his CD’s. “Amazingly enough some of the more successful songs were when just a teenager, others later in my adult life but you will not be able to know which is which. I like to pepper in some cover tunes from my generation also,” Charlie stated.
Charlie shared the best thing about being a singer/songwriter, “Being a singer/songwriter enriches my soul & enlivens my life. Being able to share this gift with those who find it valuable is a great honor. This ability is portable, and I can all it up at any time for any reason. How much better can it get than that?”
When asked what he looked forward to the most with his event, Charlie replied, “Having fun, having fun, and having fun. Why? Because it feels good and that is something we need more of, simple fun.” Charlie recommends everyone to come, “All people, singles, couples, families…unless you’re a metal head, punk-rocker, music theorist/critic well, you get the idea.” So, visit Charlie this Sunday at Forza coffee shop in Lakewood and do as Charlie suggested, “Enjoy good coffee, good food and good entertainment.”