Check out Puyallup’s Alfy’s Pizza to taste for yourself why they really are “a cut above the rest”

Alfy’s Pizza located on Main Street in downtown Puyallup has been in existence since 2004. The first Alfy’s Pizza opened in 1973 in Everett, Washington. Bruce Olson was the founder of Alfy’s Pizza and his vision “our family serves your family and always a cut above the rest!” is still carried out today through Steve and Cindy Armstrong, owners of the Puyallup Alfy’s Pizza location,

The restaurant serves an assortment of pizzas, from a delicious breakfast pizza to a chicken Alfredo pizza, calzones, an assortment of spaghettis; from spaghetti with tomato sauce to spaghetti with Alfredo sauce and chicken, lasagna, an all-you-can-eat salad bar, appetizers such as: wings, chicken strips, garlic bread sticks and cheese sticks, hot toasted sandwiches, soups, and desserts.

Steve Armstrong, by now an authentic Italian pizza chef with a solid experience in pizza making, opened the store on November 9, 2004. His first job was in 1975 with Alfy’s Pizza in Everett, Washington; bussing tables and was promoted to a cook in 1976. In 2002 and 2003 Steve managed two Alfy’s Pizza locations in Everett and Granite Falls Washington. Steve remarked: “Very proud to be the owner and operator of Puyallup Alfy’s Pizza. My wife [Cindy] and I designed and decorated [the store]. Our staff is well established and will take good care of every customer. Steve revealed how his restaurant is special compared to other restaurants, “Dough is made fresh twice a day, every day…Proprietary dough and sauces…Hand cut veggies…30 item salad bar…Wide variety of pizzas…21 classic gourmet pizzas…ten different pasta dishes…Hot fresh bread sticks to every customer…Hot toasted sandwiches made with a fresh ciabatta or sourdough bread….Special desserts and oh so much more! Hot and fresh soups served daily. Ivar’s Clam Chowder served on Fridays and Sundays.”

Steve shared what many people may not know about the Puyallup Alfy’s Pizza place, “All our pizzas of any size are half price every day until 2 pm.  We also sell “u-bake” pizzas and they are always half price for pick up or delivery. We also now carry a Gluten Free Pizza!!  We offer everything on our menu for Dine in, Carryout, or Delivery. We cater to large groups anywhere in the Tacoma area, Auburn, and Kent.  Any preorder with 5 or more pizzas can be delivered at half price in all of the mentioned areas. Fundraiser cards are free to raise money for approved groups. Visit our Web site for full details and our complete menu at”

When asked what items Steve recommends on the menu, he replied, “Everybody has a favorite! I would recommend the New BBQ Cowboy for the spicier side, or the loaded up Royal Alfy’s with 10 toppings, or our own Pepperoni Plus loaded with pepperoni and extra cheese. On the more gourmet side we have the Garlic Chicken, Chicken Alfredo or the Artichoke Feta & Pesto… Lastly the new Mac N’ Cheese pizza.”

Erin Tew, Assistant Manager at the Puyallup Alfy’s Pizza location has worked at the store since its opening. “Obviously love it [Alfy’s Pizza]. I’ve worked here seven years. I love the pizza, the friends I made here, and the owner and his wife is like family,” Erin expressed. Erin recommends the following menu items, “The Royal Alfy’s, a Supreme that has everything on it, the Spicy Chicken drumettes, those are my favorite, and the pizza cookie which is a pound of cookie dough topped with ice cream and chocolate syrup…I do recommend…Lasagna’s really good,” she said.

Kristine Jones, a Tacoma resident and customer to the Puyallup Alfy’s Pizza place for seven years visits the restaurant twice a week to order her pizza to go. “It [the pizza] has more flavor than other pizza places,” she commented. When asked what items she recommended on the menu, Kristine replied, “They have a great salad bar, love their pizza.” She explained that the best part about Alfy’s Pizza, “It’s [the pizza] very flavorful, it tastes fresh, good ingredients.” When asked what many people may not know about the restaurant, Kristine responded, “Just that their pizza is made fresh, fresh ingredients, and very good workers in there…very good employees and good customer service.”

Danielle Cavoto, front office manager at the Holiday Inn Express and customer for three years, explained how Alfy’s Pizza delivers to the hotel and that her staff members order from Alfy’s 10 to 15 times per month for staff lunches. “Oh, we really like it [Alfy’s Pizza] and recommend most of our guests [at the hotel] to use it…more homemade taste and unique. Especially someone looking for something a little more gourmet…it’s different and local,” Danielle stated. Danielle recommends the garlic chicken pizza with Alfredo sauce or the Royal Alfy’s pizza combination.

As if the wide selection of delicious food and opinions from the customers weren’t enough, Erin shared some of Alfy’s programs, events, and other tidbits. Once a month Alfy’s has a business card drawing for a free pizza lunch. There are punch cards for the lunch buffet and salad bar (after ten purchases, the 11th is free); customers can also sign up for Alfy’s Birthday club online so that they can receive a free personal pan pizza for their Birthday. From 11 am to 3 pm Alfy’s sells pizza by the slice. Lunch buffet is every day from 11 am to 2 pm and the dinner buffet is from 5 pm to 8 pm. There is even stuffed crust available for every size of pizza they sell from personal pan to extra large. “Don’t take my word for it. Just see for yourself, why Alfy’s True Italian is “a cut above the rest!” Steve concluded.

by Carly Calabrese, staff

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