Christmas Eve Service at Stadium High School With New Community Church

“To me, there is no greater mystery than the incarnation of Jesus. The fact the Jesus left heaven to enter into our messed up world is mind boggling. This is what makes Christmas so amazing. Our hope is to take an hour out of the hustle and bustle to stop and remember this profound, life quaking mystery.” This is the tone that Pastor Bo Noonan, lead pastor at New Community Church, wants to set for the open invitation to the community, from the congregation to join them for Christmas Eve.

New Community Church started when Bo moved with his family, to Tacoma in 2006,  with the hopes of being a blessing to the city of Tacoma. New Community Church is a non-denominational church that centers on Jesus, and hopes to build a meaningful community, and engage the city on mission together. The congregation meets at Stadium High School on Sundays, but small groups gather throughout the week as Community Groups. “These groups are to foster our understanding of Jesus and grow in our relationship with others”

NCC incites everyone to their Christmas Eve service on December 24, at 7 pm in Stadium High Schools Performing Arts Center. The service will focus on music and carols played by the NCC praise band. The band will be performing traditional carols and modern songs that celebrate Christmas. There will be childcare for ages 5 and under, and an activity packet for older children.

Bo stated: “We will also be telling the Christmas story and encouraging people to remember how Jesus was born in a filthy manger, therefore he’s not opposed to entering into your filth.”

Flyer available for download.

For more information about the Christmas Eve Service, please call: 253-365-2553, email:, or visit:

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  1. I can’t help but wonder but does Pastor Bo Noonan and others like him realize they have a long way to go. (Google: Mormon Bishop Posing As Homeless Man.) I don’t know the percentage but a lot of people especially during Christmas like to believe they are good in their religions and practice of it. In fact many believe they are good thought-out daily life but they really aren’t. They’ll ignore or take advantage of others for their selfishness without a second thought. So when judgment day comes they’ll have to answer for their actions. But still Christmas time does bring on a special meaning and feeling to those who are honest and sincere. There are a greater number of people who are good and “get it” They are the real ones to be relied on because they will keep their word and actually do what they say and promise. Maybe one day the meek will inherit the earth and teach those that don’t get it the real meaning of good life. I wonder what it would be like.

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