Cuddlies Night at the Children’s Museum of Tacoma

Children can participate in the “Cuddlies Night at the Museum” by having their favorite stuffed animal, doll, or creature spend the night at the museum. Jennie Griek, Event Manager for the Children’s Museum, explained: “Children that drop off their stuffed animal, doll, or creature will not get it until the next day. We document cuddlies having fun and playing at the museum. We document through photographs. We are fortunate to have students help with photography. When they pick up their cuddly, they are treated to an activity to use photographs and create a memory book and slide show showing pictures. There is music in the slide show of the cuddlies and we also take photographs of the child with their little toy and the kids really like to see themselves on the screen.”

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Jennie also mentioned that children will be able to enjoy snacks while they view their slideshow and memory books, and they also receive a special souvenir, cuddlie’s receive a blanket and the children receive a goodie bag from the following sponsors: Annie Wright Day School, Dr. Nicole M. Ancich, DMD PLLC, and the Grand Cinema. Children will receive bracelets and toothbrushes from Nicole M. Ancich, DMD PLLC’s dentist office. Jennie even mentioned that Cuddlie’s would be photographed brushing their teeth!

People can pre-register and partake in the cuddlie’s drop off at the museum on Friday, February 8, 2013 from noon to 5 pm. Saturday, February 9, 2013 the cuddly slide show viewings will take place at 12:30 to 1:30 pm, 2 pm to 3 pm, and 3:30 to 4:30 pm.

It is $40 per cuddly, $15 for each additional cuddly in the same family and members of the museum receive a 10% discount. People can pre-register by visiting: or by phone: 253 627-6031 extension 236. This is a fundraiser for the museum; particularly assisting with operating expenses and helping to grow their program of play to learn and to be visible and accessible to all in the community.

Jennie discussed the history of how the event came about, “One of our Board Members and Founding Mothers of the Museum, Jacquie Boyd helped to create the concept of the event.”

Jennie commented on what she thought of the event: “I think it’s a super charming event that really helps build and develop the children’s imagination and also helps with the preparation of letting your child deal with separation from something they love and knowing they will get it back; and have to go without something for a little bit. It’s the balance of letting go, growing up, and helping them deal with learning life lessons. It’s nurturing their skills to help develop that growth between letting something they care about go and knowing that they’ll be safe, but also playing on their imagination as far as their cuddly playing at the museum while they were away from home. The cuddly gets to do these types of activities that we all could do or a child could do at a sleepover.”

Jennie feels the best thing about the event is supporting the museum and supporting the power of play.

Jennie revealed some interesting information, “The museum now has a pre-school. We offer it up to three days a week (mornings and afternoons) for children ages 3 to 5. For more information please visit: and click on the tab that reads “preschool.”

Jennie recommends children ages 4 to 10 for the cuddly sleepover event. For more information, please email: “I think it’s unique; it’s the first time we’ve done something like this in this property, where we take people’s things and have a pretend sleepover night of fun. Most of our activities are created on the spot with the child and taking the idea of your imagination and children not necessarily knowing what their cuddly will be doing while they’re away,” Jennie concluded.

By: Carly Calabrese, staff for

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  1. What an interesting and unique event for kids to be a part of. I think this would be something fun for them. I’ll post this link on my Face Book for others to know about as well.

  2. Thanks and Carly! We are looking forward to the sleepover event and spending time with all the Cuddlies. What fun we will have!

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