Culture Fair at Green River Community College

Thursday, November 17, 2011 from 12 to 2 pm a Culture Fair took place at the Lindbloom Student Center at Green River Community College. The event brought various cultures together from different countries. Activities included: booth design competitions, performances by Dance Connections, the dance club at Green River, and a variety of clubs to join and learn from.

Bryan Ngadimin, international student ambassador and organizer of the culture fair event, at Green River Community College explains his position, “We make events for international students and target local students to bring new students to campus and tell them more about the campus and make them feel more comfortable.” He explained about the culture fair, “The culture fair is a compilation of many cultures and booths from different cultures…lots of diverse food and performances that show different diversity. We offered it last year, but I was in the charge of the one this year. I was thinking the culture fair was good ideas because it would let all the students be more diverse, open minded, and have them know more about their environment and stuff. I planned it for November 17 and started planning in September. I thought November was a good month to do it because I had time to prepare for the performance, who wants a booth, and know what food to get. My supervisor Martha Koch, international activities coordinator, (at Green River Community College) helped me a lot, Sal helped with tech equipment, the scheduling office team help with food prep for the kitchen, and the performance and set up of the room.”

Bryan informed us of some of the countries that were represented at the event, “China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, diversity booth compilation with much diversity, Campus Talk (program at Green River that allows international students the ability to interact with local students so international students can learn more about culture and improve their English skills) Korea, and CIA (Cantonese Club on campus), and the Japanese club.”

Bryan expressed how he thought the event turned out as well as his role in the event, “I think it turned out great; better than what I expected. At first, I thought it was gonna be simple than booths started to have very good designs…really cultural and really attracts the audience. The first time I planned the food for the event, it was not diverse, but after Martha, the schedule office team, and I talked we discovered it’s better to have some Norwegian food and stuff from different countries…And there was a performance from Dance Connections and it turned out the VSA (Vietnamese Club) also wanted to do a performance and the jazz band from Green River. I was the MC from 12 pm to 1 pm and announced stuff about the Dance Connection coming and the booth competition. The booth competition was different cultures that were represented in a more innovative and creative way, which allowed the attendees to vote for the best booth and learn more about cultures from the booths. The music coordinator at Green River is William Suryabudi who was also an MC at the event.”

Bryan discussed his role with the booths at the event, “I made the booth requirements, such as games to interact with the attendees so they know about that booth’s culture, and culturally designed booths so that the attendees would understand and learn more. There was also a vote for the booth competition, the purpose was to create innovative thinking and critical thinking on how to persuade your audience with culture and talk in that language or show them the picture of where that country resides and stuff. Attending the booths was free, $2 for students to eat food, and $5 for non students.”

Bryan mentioned the best thing about the event, “The booth design and performance was really good. I don’t know how they came up with those designs and the performance was so good. The food is nice…really from different cultures and a wide variety: Chow Mein, Lefse (Norwegian dish), Spring Roll, Swedish meatballs, Aloogobi (Indian Curry), Fortune Cookie, water, and iced tea.”

When asked which country won the booth competition, Bryan replied, “The booth competition targeted the attendees which allowed them to vote the booth which they believed was best. Some requirements include the design of the booth and culture things that teach the attendees more about their country. My volunteer counted it and Adam, the MC at the event, said the Cantonese American Club won. They won a certificate and trophy for recognition.”

Bryan commented, “I want to thank all the volunteers that really helped me a lot. Felix helped draw the symbol for the culture fair in the entrance and helped doing the set up of the computer for swiping the I.D., and helped with sticking the booth names. Rosalinda, special event coordinator at Green River, was in charge of the event when I was away because I have class at 1 pm until 2 pm. She also helped open the box of who won for the booth competition and talking to Adam Carlos, MC and faculty at Green River. Diana, artist and speaker at Green River, thank you for helping be an MC when I was having class and announcing about the booth competition. I also want to thank all Cleo members (community leadership education outreach at Green River).”

Bryan also wanted to mention two other upcoming events that he is planning at Green River, “I’m planning the Luna New Year, which I’ve been planning since last month. The cost isn’t out yet…there’s food, performance, lots of booths from different cultures, and the event will be at the Lindbloom Center main dining hall. Non students are allowed and we are spreading the word to the community. The event will be on January 27, 2012 from 6 pm or 7 pm until midnight. I’m also planning a “Game night” (video games) no date yet…have fun and do some stuff to take a break from studying. Game night will be somewhere in January 2012 or February 2012. It’ll be free. I’m working with Rosalinda and Samuel to get karaoke at the event. We will have video games that we will provide…Maybe some snacks.”

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By: Carly Calabrese, staff