Dave Robbs, A Local Professional

Dave Robbs, owner/executive director for Waymaker Consultants NW, helps small and medium business to be successful on purpose. Dave explained: “I observed too many businesses failing for the wrong reasons. They had good products or services, great customer service, but growth or any number of things caused them to fail.”

Dave commented on his career, “I love helping people succeed and achieve their dreams. Most small business owners are experts at what the business does, but are not necessarily experts at running a business. It’s awesome when they understand that the business is their job not what the business does or makes.” When asked the best thing about his career, Dave replied, “Seeing small business succeed is what will return this country to a positive economy. These businesses are the answer and always have been. When the economy has a recession or depression, large companies reduce their costs by eliminating jobs, government jobs are created by taxation so that is at best a push, only small and medium size business creates jobs to impact the economy. History tells us this time and again. More millionaires were created per capita during the depression than any other time in America’s history. This flows out of necessity and innovation.”

Originally born outside of Kansas City, Dave lived there until 1964 when he moved to Southern California with his parents. It was there that he met his wife, Dayle. They married in 1971 and moved to the Puget Sound area in 1978.

When asked three words to describe himself, Dave replied, “Integrity, family, and legacy. A person without integrity is disgraceful in my mind. Building trust with those around you is the key to living in society. We currently have a culture where integrity is continually in question. My family is one of my greatest priorities. My wife and I have been married for 41 years; we have 3 wonderful children, & 7 fantastic grandchildren. My heart is to leave a strong legacy for my children, grandchildren, and a multitude of other young people. Many people leave this earth without leaving an impact; I don’t intend to be one of them. The world should be a better place because we were a part of it.”

Dave’s career began in the manufacturing industry in 1969. He was employed by large corporations, machine tool manufacturers, and small machine shops. Dave has been involved in every part of the manufacturing trade with the exception of having actually running a machine as his primary job description. He has manufactured parts for aerospace, trucking, marine, commercial pumps, disc drive mounting frames, and more. From the year 2000 through 2004, Dave was the director of the Master’s Commission, a one-year disciple program for post high school young adults. The focus was on character building and deepening their relationship with God.

Dave, in Zambia, with a friend

Dave commented on his position as the director of the Master’s Commission: “Watching these young people change and grow was one of the most rewarding things with which I’ve been involved. In 2005, I had the opportunity to travel to the Republic of South Africa. I was impacted by the hopelessness of the people and in 2007 started Poyeho Project to develop ways to bring sustainable businesses to southern Africa.”

Dave’s educational background includes three years in college with a major in Civil Engineering and a minor in Chemistry. He is certified in Statistical Process Control and has been involved in a number of production improvement programs.

Dave is motivated to see people achieve their dreams and be successful. He believes that everyone has a purpose and a dream. Dave commented: “No matter how impossible that dream may seem I know that given the time and determination they can see it happen. No one said it better then Dr. Martin Luther King. We may not always see the fulfillment in our life time, but we have the opportunity to keep that dream moving forward and building a legacy to see it accomplished some day.”

When asked about his biggest accomplishment, Dave replied, “My greatest accomplishment is still ahead of me as I see the beginning of changes in Africa. However, raising three children who are each successful in their own right and are positive contributors in our society is extremely rewarding. A large amount of credit goes to my wife, who involved herself as not only their mother, but also their home school teacher.”

Dave’s long-term, short-term, and life goals in general include leaving a great inheritance to his family. Dave commented: “I also desire to see prosperity come to southern Africa and the exploitation ended. They are intelligent, great people and they need people to empower them and not hold them back.”

Dave’s hobbies and interests include: camping, hunting, fishing, and hiking. Dave commented: “One of the reasons I love the Northwest is the great natural beauty that surrounds us.” Dave discussed his movie, music, and television interests, “I love dramas and adventure movies. I enjoy most types of music, not overly fond of heavy metal and rap. I like everything from country to symphonies.” Dave also reads educational literature, for example, Christian literature or business books that deal with new innovations/concepts.

For further information about what I’m involved in, please go to one of my websites: Poyeho.org or waymakerconsultantsnw.com,” Dave concluded.

By: Carly Calabrese, staff for Tacoma.com

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  1. I agree with Alan that Dave seems to be making a difference. However Obama could do more to help struggling business. I just hope this country is able to get back on track sooner rather than later. Thanks Dave for helping.

  2. Dave is a friend of mine I have known Dave going on 2 years. Dave has showing me as an owner of a small business how to work on my company rather in my company. It is to bad our Government does not have more business savvy men like Dave, he has a lot to teach and is as sincere and passionate about what he does then I am as seeing my company grow.

  3. Excellent article…anyone who has not been with Dave or has taken his business development and strategies class should…it will open your eyes…they say you don’t know what you don’t know and Dave will show you a path that will enlighten you and help your company succeed in a down economy…we are grateful for the help he is giving us , in our company and his inspiration to the community at large…he is a best kept secret that needs to be shouted from the Mall down to the Valley and beyond…

    Brian & Terri
    Uptown Coffee News, LLC & Sr. Manager Dist. / SendOutCards

  4. Its true Dave is a special person any way you slice it. He has a real easy going, layed back, practical approach to business and life in general. I find him supportive and easy to work with. Thankyou Dave and happy holidays to you and yours.

  5. Way to go, Dave! There is so much prosperity out there, and people have to do is reach out and take it, but sometimes we need someone to come along and point out something really basic we are not doing. That is the true spirit of mentorship.

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