Do the Puyallup Walk to Beat Breast Cancer

Saturday, September 22, at 8 am at the Blue Gate at the Puyallup Fairgrounds on Meridian Street, the “Do the Puyallup Walk to Beat Breast Cancer” will take place. It is $35 for individuals that are age 19 and older and $18 for children age 6 to 18 years of age, if purchased by September 20. Participants can still register the day of the event, $40 for adults and $23 for children. Children that are five years of age and younger are free regardless of date of registration. Anybody that participates in the walk receives free admission to the Puyallup Fair. Those that are interested in registering can do so by visiting: or print out the information online and mail it in. Participants can also pay for their registration in advance in person at the Administration Building at the Fairgrounds.

Karen LaFlammae, spokesperson for the Puyallup Fair, explained a little bit about the first annual “Do the Puyallup Walk to Beat Breast Cancer,” “We worked with Fisher Broadcasting (Komo 4, Komo News Radio 1,000 am,, KUNS Hispanic Television station, Star 101.5 FM, and KVI 570 AM) for years and they suggested we be partners and host at the fair, give free admission to the fair, and benefit a worthy cause. The proceeds will benefit the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. They’re helping get the word out and it’s a way to give back to the community. Fisher Broadcasting is very community-minded. Women are so touched by breast cancer and it’s good to connect to a cause that’s near many of their hearts.”

Karen commented on what she thought of the walk, “I really think it’s great for the community; it’s a way to support a wonderful cause and also have a wonderful time. It’s a win-win all the way around. You have a great day and are helping many of your neighbors along the way.” She discussed the best thing about the walk, “I think it’s pulling a lot of people together from all walks of life and banding them together to walk 3.1 miles as a team.”

Karen mentioned what many people may not know about the walk, “People can also wear a decorated bra outside their shirt to get creative and have a little fun with our walk. People can make one from home with glue and sparkles to wear during the walk.” Karen discussed how the walk was unique, “You not only get to do the walk and enjoy a day at the fair, and you get free admission, a $12.50 value right there. You can wander around and buy that bag of scones to get you through until the next Fair; you can go on rides and have a good time.”

When asked who she recommended attend the walk, Karen replied, “I would recommend anybody. Even those that cannot walk 3.1 miles, they can go online and just donate money for the cause just as easily.”

For more information about the walk, please visit: or email:

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By: Carly Calabrese, staff for

4 thoughts on “Do the Puyallup Walk to Beat Breast Cancer”

  1. I’ve done a couple walks this summer that you’ve written about Carly. So why not add one more to the list. It’s for a great cause and I get to go to the fair.. : )
    Hmmmm and to think I can wear a bra huh! hahaha

    1. I should be doing the breast cancer walk, as my mom is a breast cancer survivor, but I already am doing the “Shake your Shape” Walk on that same day. Like I’ve said before, too many events, too little time.

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