Doctor Alan Sinner, DC (Doctor of Chiropractic)

Doctor Alan Sinner, DC has been licensed as a chiropractor for 27 years. He has been at his current location of 203 15th Avenue SE Puyallup, WA 98372 since 1999. Doctor Sinner shared what he thinks of his career, “I think a career is what you make out of it. Anybody can become burned out and develop a negative mind about their career, however, to sustain a 20 to 30 year career you need to keep looking at it as if it’s new and renew yourself in that career. You need to look at as a fresh and new career. The way I’ve been able to do that is to keep learning and because we’re dealing with the healing of the human body, there’s not a month that goes by and there’s some new discovery that I find interesting. It all keeps tying together.”

Doctor Sinner explained the best thing about his career, “It affords me the opportunity to develop unique relationships with my clients. It is an opportunity to have a doctor-patient relationship with people in that capacity. The root of the word “doctor” means to teach. I think just about everybody in their career has the opportunity to make the most out of the position that they’re in. Whether they are a brain surgeon, street sweeper, teacher, or house painter; everyone has the opportunity to make their job more than just a job. I think that’s the key to being passionate about your job, to be able to make it more than just a way to bring home a paycheck.”

When asked what many people may not know about his career, Doctor Sinner replied, “The chiropractic profession is not synonymous with the chiropractic profession because chiropractors are famous for their adjustments, but they are really a spinal specialist. They can help people with exercise, nutritional and weight loss goals, spinal strengthening, athletic performance, students with postural improvements, and getting rid of stress out of people’s bodies to perform better in their careers. We can use anything to accomplish those goals, without drugs or pharmaceuticals. Sometimes chiropractic adjustments are what the customer needs and sometimes adjustments aren’t needed at all and other changes need to be made to accomplish those goals. For example, somebody who comes in with numbness in their foot because their diabetes is out of control. In order to really get a handle on their Type 2 diabetes, it takes some nutritional counseling to help them get their blood sugar numbers under control. To help people in that way is entirely within the expertise of many chiropractors because many chiropractors are very adept at nutritional counseling and because we are a drug free profession; we’ve become adept at helping them with nutrition to help them improve.”

Doctor Sinner also provides D.R.S. (Decompression, Reduction, and Stabilization) for his patients. He explained what D.R.S. is, “It’s a hybrid of spinal decompression, massage, and chiropractic nutrition. It often helps people with chronic back and neck pain, people who have been in car accidents and have bulging and herniated discs, spinal stenosis, and sciatica. Half of the people that we consult with have had one or more failed back surgeries.

The actual protocol has been developed by Dr. Richard Busch and has been used on thousands of individuals with back and neck pain with outstanding success. About 1990 was when the first D.R.S. machine received FDA clearance, and then several manufacturers started manufacturing it. It’s unique because it is computer technology combined with mechanical technology. Norman Schealy, a neuro surgeon that developed the D.R.S. system, and then Dr. Busch further developed it into the D.R.S. protocol over time and the protocol continues to evolve.”

Doctor Sinner grew up in Puyallup, Washington and his dad was a contractor that built custom homes. He explained how he entered the field of chiropractic, “When I was 18, I fell off the roof of a home my dad was building and injured my back. That’s what set me on this road.” Doctor Sinner attended college in California and was a chiropractor in California and Arizona. He commented, “It’s tempting to think that healthcare would be more advanced on the East Coast, but that has not been my experience. My colleagues on the East Coast have informed me that things are more advanced on the West Coast; with its cutting edge new procedures and treatments. All fields of medicine are more progressive on the West Coast; that has been my experience.”

When asked three words to describe himself, Doctor Sinner replied, “Persistent, passionate, and patient. I don’t think anyone makes it to 50 years of age without some persistence. I’m always interested in learning how to help patients and I expand and transfer in my mind. Sometimes I have patients that come into my office and they feel like they have been brushed off and flicked from one doctor to the other and nobody’s really taken the time to hear what they’re trying to say. Maybe they have had difficulty communicating with others, but I’ve found if I can be patient and really listen to individuals that I can often come up with a solution to their problems that they have may have never experienced before. It’s like being a detective to find out the solution to their problems. Sometimes people think that the million dollar MRI machine or the latest hi-tech laser treatment procedure will be the magic bullet to solve their problems when that’s not going to make the biggest difference in their overall health. I’ve found that 80% of the time it’s not some hi-tech or fancy technology that’s making the difference, if anything it’s doing something to remove that thing from their body that is naturally expressing their health (healthy functioning of their body). It goes back to the example of the person with Type 2 Diabetes. I can get the person on the right track on how they think of food and nutrition so that they can function normally without drugs or insulin and they can dramatically get better. It’s revamping how people think of food and nutrition.”

Doctor Sinner’s hobbies and interests: “It goes on and on. I’ve been to the top of Mt. Rainier, traveled all over U.S., and have been exercising since I was 16 years old. I enjoy building and developing real estate. I enjoy hanging out in Seattle and enjoy talking to and meeting different people. I mostly enjoy the time I have with the Lord and how he teaches and shows me what he is doing with me.

Maybe I should’ve been a farmer [Doctor Sinner jokes] I’ve raised just about every animal you can think of. Animals I’ve raised include: dogs, cats, fish, goat, chickens, turkeys, llamas, sheep, goats, and rabbits. I’ve always been an animal enthusiast; in fact today we [Doctor Sinner and his sons] just came from the pet store and bought some allergy wafers for our fish.”

Doctor Sinner is motivated by the King, “To glorify the King, as a Christian it influences me on how I parent, how I interact with people, and certainly how I engage in my business. I am motivated by being a good steward of all my opportunities. Here I am with an education that costs $200,000 today and 27 years experience.”

Doctor Sinner’s biggest accomplishment is fathering his 12 and 11 year old boys and being a human in general. “Life’s hard. It’s never what we think it’s going to be. Every single person runs into challenges in life and it’s never exactly what we think it’s going to be,” he said. His career goals: “To keep making a positive difference in people’s lives, to keep learning, and to remain passionate and excited about the opportunity I have. Also, to help other individuals in business that are maybe facing burnout to see that the bigger picture. I want to motivate them to do the best in they can in their career. Other people are career hoppers, changing from one to career to another but I don’t see myself as a career hopper. A lot of time when people career hop they have similar challenges in their new career as in their old one.” Doctor Sinner’s life goals in general: “To glorify the Lord in how I raise my children, how I treat family and friends, and how I take care of myself. When I realized that my life isn’t about glorifying myself, which I was frankly burnt out on doing, it was about glorifying the Lord. Then I realized there’s a bigger purpose for what I’m doing and so as I face my daily struggles and challenges I look at them differently and the things that used to be important to me aren’t nearly as important.”

For more information about Doctor Sinner’s services, please visit: or call: 253 848-3300. Doctor Sinner concluded, “We are accepting new patients and we are open 7 days a week to help people that are injured at work or through car accidents. We offer therapy, massage, chiropractic, and nutrition. We always welcome a challenge, meaning an individual who has a health condition that is not responding to normal treatments and they’ve exhausted many of their ideas and aren’t having any success with resolving their health issue. We always welcome those sorts of individuals and those types of cases. For example, someone who has a spinal condition and they have tried: massage, chiropractic, and physical therapy; and have had partial and temporary improvement and they’re looking for a level improvement that they haven’t been able to realize anywhere else.”

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  1. Doctor Sinner is a winner! He’s my favorite doctor because he’s honest and cares about his patients.

  2. Good Doctors like good people who take an interest in you and care are honestly hard to find these days.

  3. From the Heart

    Nice article Carley. Thank you Dr. Sinner for sharing you thoughts on ‘real’ patient care. What I think is so amazing about Chiropractors’ is how they can heal with their hands, and with a little common sense advice, make changes that last a life time.

    It’s nice to know there is an alternative.

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