Easter Egg Hunt

On Saturday, March 30, at 1 pm, there will be an Easter egg hunt for toddlers to age 12 at Gateway Church located at 7310 12th Ave East Tacoma, WA. After the Easter egg hunt, families and children can join in the fun with games, an egg coloring contest, a regular coloring contest, face painting, and a cake walk. The whole event will be over at 4 pm and those that want to ensure they do not miss the egg hunt, need to be there at 1 pm, as the hunt only takes place at that time.

Linda Bach, the pastor’s wife at Gateway Church, commented on the event: “We’re doing this as a community service event to show the children that we are a safe place to come and that we love and care about the children in our east side neighborhood in Tacoma. There is no charge and it is all free. They can have fun and have candy in a safe atmosphere. We want to do as community service for the children in our area, as there are a lot of children and nationalities represented. We want to let them know about our church and food bank every Thursday from 5 pm to 7 pm.

The food bank is on a first come, first serve basis. The people sign up and give ID and we serve 100 families a week with food assistance. We let them choose the food they want, that’s what makes us unique. We try to treat them with dignity and we have different food selections every week. The egg hunt will have information about our food bank as well. We get our food for our food bank through our emergency food network (they deliver food to us and we distribute) and give it away every Thursday. We are working on getting more protein for our food bank.”

Linda feels the best thing about the Easter egg hunt is, “The children having fun, which is the main reason for doing it and enjoying themselves and having a good time in a safe place. We did a trunk or treat for Halloween as it is a safe place for them to celebrate Halloween. We just love kids and families.”

Linda revealed some information about the church: “The church has been here for five and a half years. With our Easter egg hunt, we will be doing face painting and egg coloring and a lot of Easter egg hunts do not do that. The kids are also able to bring home the eggs that they color. There is a coloring contest and raffle for adults. The winners will be announced on Easter morning between the two morning services at 10:55 am on Easter Sunday.”

Linda recommends families and their children up to age 12 come to the event. She also recommends children bring their own bag or basket to carry their Easter eggs. No pre-registration for the event is required.

For more information about the event or the church in general, please visit: GatewayChurchTacoma.org. “You cannot drop off kids at the Easter egg hunt and leave them unattended. Come for a short time or all afternoon,” Linda concluded.

By: Carly Calabrese, staff for Tacoma.com

9 thoughts on “Easter Egg Hunt”

  1. Peggy Henderson

    Great event. Was there last year. Friendly church, friendly people. Come back on Sunday and you’ll be very welcomed.

  2. I’ll print this out and post it at work as well on my Facebook to get the word out to all the familys I know. Events like this and the food drives are badly needed today.

  3. How do we look for an egg? COME AND FIND OUT! I won’t tell. I can give you a hint: look real hard all over because THOSE EGGS SHALL BE FOUND, like you.
    Be there! A good event that COSTS YOU ABSOLUTELY NOTHING and FUN!!! And you still have time to mark your calenders. On your mark, get set, DON’T MISS this PARTY
    hosted by Gateway Church of Tacoma at 1pm on the 30th. Hope you make it.

  4. I’m so excited for this event! This has been so successful each year. I love seeing the children having safe fun and with family. Very friendly church and it usually sunshine’s over this event no matter what it looks like outside!

  5. The most organized event my family has gone to. A child said I have more eggs than basket. The golden eggs idea was great and very nice prizes. All of you worked so hard together. Our family had so much fun so many things to do. Can not wait until next year.

  6. There also special golden eggs with special prizes that will be hidden and games galore

  7. We will be raffling off a Wii system at the Event for a donation of $1 you can enter the raffle The winner will be announced between our tow morning services @ approximately 10:50 am You must be there to win!!

  8. There will be raffle for a Wii console and game on Saturday First raffle ticket is free The rest $1. The drawing will be held on Sunday @ 10:45am

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