Emerald Spiral Expo

According to the Emerald Spiral website, the Emerald Spiral Expo is now the host of the former Boeing Psychic Fair; the oldest continuous running psychic fair in Washington state. The event took place Saturday, September 24th at the Kent Commons, located at: 525 4th Avenue North in Kent, Washington. Speakers included Eva Browning, Christine Winters Memorial, Jonna Court, Judyth Sult, Rochelle Evans, David Michael Hash, and Deni Luna. Businesses that had booths at the event included: Emerald Spiral, Dolphin-daze, Perfect Karma, Creature Comforts, Path of Being, Helping Hands, and the Inner Goddess LLC.

Yvonne Atwell, an energy healer who had a booth at the expo, explained her business, “My business is called Resonant Healing Arts. I do massage, polarity therapy (body work that balances your energy), Reiki Master (a form of healing that’s done with hands on energy; which is a Japanese healing technique). Yvonne has been in the business since 1998. Yvonne has participated in this expo for the past three years. She explained the purpose of the expo, “Attendees talk to different psychic readers, learn about different healing techniques, listen to different/free speakers every hour, a prize from a vendor is given out every hour, and buy crystals, candles, and clothing. Good energy, it’s fun,” Yvonne added.

When asked what she looked forward to most with this event, Yvonne replied, “To share my gifts (healing ability) with people and help people heal whatever’s blocking them from manifesting what they want in life.

I’m kinda new to this psychic realm…been working with a spirit guide, who’s a “Shaman” (spiritual guide) that comes through when I’m doing healing work and talks to your higher self.”

Yvonne shared the best thing about the expo, “I think that people who have been to it before are always looking forward to it. We get a lot of the same people that came back again. It’s worth going to; it’s fun…good energy. People who are having a rough time; it’s a good thing to do. “Shaman” is an anthropological term referencing a range of beliefs and practices regarding communication with the spiritual world.”

Yvonne explained what she would be doing at the expo, “I use cards and meditation that help clients manifest their dreams by releasing ancestral baggage; ancestral baggage is releasing limiting beliefs for example, what if you don’t believe you’re worthy of abundance or good relationships? $25 for a 30 minute session.”

Yvonne has a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and is a licensed massage practitioner in Washington and Arizona, a registered polarity practitioner and educator, a Reiki master, and Pampered Chef Consultant. Yvonne commented, “My foot is in multiple things because I believe in multiple streams of income.”

Yvonne shared how the expo is unique compared to similar expos, “They have free speakers, there’s a spring and fall expo yearly. Speakers talk about all types of different types of healing; it’s just fun to do. But, I think what’s different is that it’s been going on for several years and something people look forward to and maybe because of the variety…I would say the organizer has quality vendors.” Yvonne continued, “There’s a different quality to each one of the expos. It’s always interesting to see what the quality of the expo is that year…Always something to learn and always wonderful people to meet.”

When asked if she would recommend her family and friends to the expo, Yvonne responded, “Yeah, cause it’s fun, there’s always something to learn, and there’s a guy there that sells beautiful stones…you know rocks, he has a shop at Pike’s market…Crystals and stones…And music; there’s a few people who sell music CDs.” Yvonne recommends the following people to attend the event, “Anyone looking for enlightenment, insight, and anyone who want to have a good time.”

For more information, please visit: http://www.emeraldspiral.com