Fae’s Helping Hand 5K Fun Run/Walk & Health Expo

Fae’s Helping Hand is hosting a 5K Fun Run/Walk & Health Expo on Sunday, July 21, from 8 am to noon at the Marine Park in Tacoma. This event is to raise funds for the organization’s mission, helping people with their medical bills, as well as to educate the public on healthy living and adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Todd Valentine, organizer for the event, is a licensed massage practitioner. Todd gave us some background on the event, and on Fae, for whom the event is helping. Fae was a massage therapist, before a spinal deterioration left her medically disabled. “She needs life-changing back surgery to get two spinal discs replaced in order to not be disabled and to walk, get off medication, provide for her family, and to provide her massage therapy services to the community once again. BOTH of her health insurances denied her the surgery.” It is a great event, built on a fundraiser to pay for a necessary surgery and medical expenses, to change someone’s life. “It will change Fae’s life from being disabled and on medication, to full recovery and returning to her family, friends, and community. She will once again be able to provide her massage therapy services to the community and be able to change other people’s lives. This is much more than just a fundraiser, it is also a health expo that is designed to get people in the community started in the correct direction of being healthier, to get them moving more, to get them functioning properly, and to learn about the services the community has to offer, all while recognizing the parks and recreational services that surround them. This is designed to help people make a change and to assist those who are in need of change.”

Todd discussed how the event came about, “I was approached 6 weeks ago by another massage therapist (who owns Puget Sound Massage Clinic) in the community to put on a 5K Event (because she knows I have put on smaller events in the past) for another massage therapist (whom I never met before).  [After hearing about her story], and that BOTH of her health insurances denied her the surgery, that is when I responded.”  Fae Swetz is the recipient of this fundraiser. A non-profit organization has been established to help Fae, and continue in operation after her needs are met, to help others who need medical assistance when health insurance(s) deny them treatment.

Everyone helping run the event are volunteers. We are all volunteering our time to support a local community member.  Most of the people involved with this event, including Todd,  have never met Fae. This is an example of a community pulling together to help someone in need. ALL Proceeds will go towards Fae’s Helping Hand.

This is the perfect event for beginners, and for runners and walkers who wish to have an event that will help them build up towards another event down the road.  Regardless if you are working towards one of your goals of becoming healthier, or want to participate for fun and make a difference in the community. This can be your event. It is designed to assist people in getting started in the direction of being healthier, to get moving more, to function properly, and to learn about the services the community. This event is for everyone!

Registration deadlines:
Register by Friday, July 5, 2013 by 9 pm online to receive a t-shirt.
Register by Friday, July 19, 2013 by 9 pm for regular pre-registration.
Day-of registration begins at 7:30 am, at the event.

Check-in and day-of registration begins at 7:30 am. The kick-off welcome and announcements take place at 8:30 am, The first, and youngest group of participants, the Red Wave (ages 4 to 7), will start their run at 9 am. There are different age categories, color-coded, to start in “waves”. The blue wave (ages 8 to 12) will begin at 9:20 am, the green and purple waves are both for ages 13 and older, and will begin at 9:50 am and 10 am.

Ages 4-7 (red wave) 100 yard dash- $15 with t-shirt, $10 for no t-shirt
Ages 8-12 (blue wave) ¼ mile dash – $15 with t-shirt, $10 for no t-shirt
Ages 13-adult (green wave) 10 min or less per mile, 3.1 Mile Run/Walk – $25 with t-shirt, $20 without t-shirt
Ages 13-adult (purple wave) 11 min or more per mile, 3.1 Mile Run/Walk – $25 with t-shirt, $20 without t-shirt

Course maps are available, so you can cheer on your friends or encourage other runners:
Red Wave: www.runningmap.com/?id=554579
Blue Wave: www.runningmap.com/?id=554581
Green Wave: www.runningmap.com/?id=554586
Purple Wave: www.runningmap.com/?id=554586

As an added benefit, all runners and walkers will receive a free sports massage at the event with their registration.

“One person can indeed make a difference and change someone’s life.  This event is proof.  A community is coming together to make a positive change for someone in need all due to one person who wanted to help a colleague and friend.  Anyone can help, will you?” Todd concluded.

For more information about the Fae’s Helping Hand 5K Walk, or to register for the event, please visit the website: FaesHelpingHand.weebly.com
If you cannot attend this event in person, but still would like to help with a donation, the website give an online link, as well as information to do a local donation.

Facebook page for the event: www.facebook.com/events/537021849698571/

To contact the event coordinator, e-mail Todd Valentine at: todd@elitemassagepro.com

By: Carly Calabrese, staff for Tacoma.com
Edited by Reba Winstead, editor for Tacoma.com