Family Justice Center’s 5th anniversary celebration


The Family Justice Center (a center that assists victims of domestic violence) held its 5th anniversary celebration on Friday, June 17th. The event took place in the parking lot next to the center with a barbeque and raffle. County and City employees were invited to the barbeque for a $10 admission to eat: ribs, pulled pork sandwiches, hot dogs, potato salad, baked beans, and an assortment of homemade desserts. All proceeds from the barbeque and raffles will go to the Family Justice Center foundation fund to provide essential services to victims of domestic violence.

There were two raffles to pick from; one was a $1 raffle tickets or 15 tickets for $10 and attendees could win: Macy’s gift certificates, CI Shenanigans Brunch gift certificate, Starbucks coffee, Trader Joe’s Gourmet gift basket, Tacoma Rainiers tickets, a Wine basket, and a Spa gift certificate. Tickets to the second raffle were $5 each, where one winner won a two night stay at the Inn at the Market hotel and a $200 Metropolitan Grill gift certificate. Winners did not need to be present with their ticket to win the raffles. Winners will be posted on the Family Justice website.

Susan Adams, Director of the Crystal Judson Family Justice Center since its inception, six years ago, explained the purpose for opening of the comprehensive domestic violence agency, “We have a variety of community partners and government partners, and provide comprehensive wrap around services to victims of domestic violence.” When asked who organized the event, Susan replied, “It’s our fourth year barbeque and we added the raffle this year. Staff, board, and volunteers come together to make it happen.”

Columbia Bank was a “primary and generous donor followed by a number of other donors: Lemay mobile shredding, Stadium Thriftway, MWH Constructors, the Inn at the Market, Trader Joe’s, Starbucks, Trapper’s Sushi, to name a few,” Susan stated. When asked what she thought of the event, Susan responded, “I think it’s a wonderful event, it’s a way to bring in awareness to the issue we’re working on at the same time celebrate the work that we’ve done so far and this year had the chance to honor the congressional delegates that helped us get where we are today.”

When asked regarding something many people may not know about the Family Justice Center, Susan replied, “That we’re here to help that we’re providing a wide variety of services to safety planning to protection orders, counseling, DSHS assistance, civil legal assistance, and so much more…And we are the place to go for help.”

Shinique Phillips, Family Justice Center advocate/self sufficiency coordinator, has been a domestic violence advocate for three and a half years. She has been with the Family Justice Center for seven months. “I think it’s a wonderful turnout, I really enjoyed seeing the community partners support our efforts,” Shinique expressed. She explained the best thing about the event, “I enjoyed seeing all of the community partners and a lot of our sponsors awarded and recognized for how they’ve supported the Family Justice Center.”

Regarding things about the Family Justice Center, the public is not aware of, Shinique replied, “I think people don’t really know how much the staff really enjoys coming to work every day and providing services to our clients. We often work with people that have been impacted by domestic violence. But there’s a sense of warmth and joy from the staff here and I think that rubs off on our clients.”

The Family Justice Center’s barbeque could not have been on a better day. “The sun was shining and lots of people came and people left happy,” Susan commented. “I’m happy with how the event went today but more importantly, I am honored to work at an agency with such dedicated professional staff that is making a difference in people’s lives each and every day,” Susan added. “Safe place to go for help, [the] Family Justice Center slogan,” Shinique concluded.

by Carly Calabrese, staff