Fay Ainsworth

Fay Ainsworth, managing Broker with Keller Williams Realty, explains a little bit about herself, “I have been a real estate investor most of my life, native of Federal Way and Tacoma. Lived, worked, and traveled around the world… done business in all 50 states, provinces, and Canada… Retired publishing executive, selling real estate full time for the past 17 years.” She describes her current job, “Match people to homes fit their needs, dreams, and budget.”

Fay described herself in a few words. She commented, “Creative outside of the box thinker, when we face a challenger and have to look at the other side to get parties win-win with negotiation with offer to purchase…an offer that was better than somebody else’s…offer not always about money. I came up with some ideas the average person wouldn’t put in the equation. It’s about negotiation. I’ve got a certified negotiation, excellent marketer love marketing. Entrepreneurial, I find opportunities…I can find opportunities for anybody in pretty much any endeavor…and am a great resource person I connect with people all the time…a great connector.”

Five generations of her family live in the Tacoma area. “I even have a street named after one of the family members,” Fay commented. Fay grew up and is from Northeast Tacoma and Federal Way “Always lived along shores of Puget Sound,” Fay commented.

“I love waterfront restaurants with great seafood, for example the Lobster Shop restaurant, restaurants on Ruston Way, the old house in North Tacoma, the area near Tumwater Falls Terrace restaurant have great views of waterfalls and mountains and in particular Puget Sound. Love walking beaches and ferry rides. We have great, great parks such as the Olympic National Park, Saltwater State park.” Fay’s favorite food is salmon and she enjoys: scuba diving, sailing, skiing. Traveling is a sport to me. Bicycling and walking along the shorelines; that’s fun.” Fay’s favorite breed of dog is German shepherd and “I like Siamese cats,” Fay commented.

Fay described a little bit about her educational background, “Honors graduate from Federal Way school system, Bachelor of Arts in fine arts in advertising, marketing, graphic design from UW. Masters in Business Administration and run and develop a multi-million dollar business in publishing. Upon retirement, I got into real estate; following a passion and a dream.” Fay continued, “Opening doors to opportunities” that’s what real estate is about for many people helping them determine where they are, what they wanna do, where they wanna live, what they can afford, matching people to the place, and helping them understand the dynamics of an ever changing market.”

Fay shared her biggest accomplishment, “Biggest accomplishment is helping people who have no hope of buying a home with a great home and great price. One example, a 73 year old lady helped her buy her very, very first home in Tacoma…Very affordable price and it actually was the first home she ever owned at age 73 just her and her little dog…Three bedroom rambler she’s still there today; she loves it. She never thought in her entire life she would own a home, we were crying when signing the paperwork (very emotional thing) with signing papers. It’s about people about single mom’s that have immigrated to America buying her first home. A guy with tools, trucks, boats, and dogs…they need a place for all those things…they don’t care what the kitchen looks like. Different people have different needs (young couple for baby in condo) move out in a bigger house with a dog and another baby. It’s life; the biggest accomplishment is helping people in different circumstances optimize where they are in their life. Real estate is the #1 wealth building tool for the average person. More millionaires made in 1920 and now even though the market is down.”

When asked what her hobbies and interests were, Fay replied, “Real estate (Fay laughs) traveled all 7 continents and around the world and had a fun time. Reading, writing, and volunteer work. On the board of the Browns Point improvement club and the Points NE Historical Society. The Improvement Club has been in existence since 1930 something originally set up to create roads, water, and development of area. A lot of service projects for kids in the community. [The Club provides] scholarships for students in the community, fundraising projects towards scholarships and proceeds from the salmon bake every two years. Been on board maybe 15 to 16 years. Some examples of kids projects in the community include: Kid’s nature day (exploring shores of Puget sound), kids fishing derby, Easter Bunny, and trunk or treat (safe place for exploring Halloween).  Adult events include adult fishing derby, and adult salmon derby, stuff from the whole community just to create a safer place to live.

The Points NE Historical Society and Browns Point Improvement club are both non-profit organizations established to promote historical information and history for Dash Point, Browns Point, and NE Tacoma. Native American artifacts and history of Browns Point has a lighthouse and a cottage…its preservation of historical buildings on site lighthouse park and artifacts and create history and tie in with Tacoma Historical Society. The area of Pierce County has a history and wanna preserve the knowledge and enrichment for future generations.  For the lighthouse cottage we do a Christmas tea in December and coming up on Sept. 11th from 1 to 4 pm at the NE Historical society lighthouse keepers cottage there will be an open house. The cottage is set up to represent the historical way it was and is also can be rented by the week for people who wanna be lighthouse keepers. It’s a 4 bedroom condo on Puget Sound. Basement replica of old school house and kitchen and selling and house crafts people did in the early stages…A lot of historical members of the community. It’s a 7-day stay for those who want to be lighthouse keepers. Google brownspointimprovementclub.org pointsnortheasthistoricalsociety.org both have good websites and information exploring the other side of Tacoma.  At the open house there will be: Browns Point lighthouse cottage tour the cottage, museum will be open, beach, and boat house has original surf boat Captain Vancouver’s built upon the same specifications.”

When asked what many people may not know about her, Fay replied, “Hard to say I’m a pretty open book I like people, I like pets I like travel…I don’t know hard to say. I’m an avid networker, do a lot of things for a lot of people love internet marketing and internet promotion and the whole cyberspace and can tap into and a lot of people can get the right information and truly embrace the 21st century, which is why you’re doing this article. 20 years paper publishing then 17 years online publishing probably the most exciting…I embrace social media today (FB, Twitter, you can find me in all those places). Facebook/BrownsPointNews). One of the things I encourage people to post on since I’m the administrator for the page.”

What motivates Fay, “The look and excitement when helping people get a house.  The excitement and get a real place of your own that’s yours that’s pretty exciting to be the catalyst for the change for most people. Whether it’s their palace or first condo…a change; it’s still a change for the better. The change is what motivates me.” She explained what she feels other people find interesting about her, “I’m a wealth of information…people say I’m a great conversationalist I talk about them instead of me.”

Fay explained why she joined Keller Williams Realty, “Not only the fastest growing real estate company in North America and second largest, provide opportunities for individuals careers worth living, businesses worth owning, and having lives worth living (Keller Williams Realty’s values, mission statement). We are about: God, Family, and business…A very important component…Anybody that has that can attain those goals.”

Even though this amazing woman still manages a second full time job after one retired career, traveled around the world, did business in all 50 states and provinces including Canada, and still manages to volunteer, she also believes, “Life’s an adventure, enjoy it…Pretty much my attitude. Take a risk; enjoy it.”