Feeling stressed? Meditation may be the solution.

The Maum Meditation Center is located on 3410 South 272nd Street in Kent, Washington. There are six meditation session times, Monday through Saturday; and Sunday the center is open for self meditation.

The Maum Meditation center is a non-profit organization, founded in 1996. Over 300,000 have attended Maum Meditation centers in Korea and around the world. Winter and summer camps for college students provide clarity and direction to resolve worries about the future, employment, anxiety and stress.  Maum is the Korean word for mind, soul, or spirit.  Maum Meditation is a program to help individuals discover their original mind.

An informative Maum Meditation video provides more information. According to the video, 97.7% of people reported a reduction in stress after meditation during Levels 3 and 4 of Maum Meditation. One of the students interviewed in the video says he gets along better with those around them and felt happier. Many felt relief from worries and anxieties when before, they felt like a victim in life. According to the Maum Meditation video, 88.5% of people who earlier reported anxieties and worries about their future, felt better when worries diminished after meditation and 94% of the same people responded that their minds were more at ease and attained happiness.

According to the Maum Meditation video, many people suffer from anxiety. Some of the positive effects that resulted were covered by the media regarding Maum Meditation.  For example, a mother reported that her son studied by himself without being told to do so. Also, the Maum Meditation video explained that the more pink waves are present in a person’s brain, the more stressed a person is.  There were significantly lower pink waves in a person’s brain reported after Maum Meditation.

Carol Kang, a helper in the Maum Meditation center of three months, expressed what she thought of the center, “We only have a unique method here and nobody has this method at any other meditation center so I think it’s the best meditation center.” Carol explained the best part of the center, “I’ve been searching for the truth for a long time in Christianity; for 30 years. I found the truth here and whoever’s searching for the truth must come here.”

When asked what many people may not know about the center, Carol replied, “Whoever practiced Maum Meditation last year, 10,000 people became free of anxiety, stress, anger, depression, and hypertension…Really effective to everyone who does this meditation.” Carol explained how the Maum Meditation center was different than others, “This is the only one we have [applying] the unique method become one with the Universal Mind.  We have a seven-level method to subtract the human mind. We teach you what the mind is and tell you how to subtract those minds and why you have to do that.  We teach you that [the ego] mind is a false mind. This is where all the stress is coming from and…actually this method works by throwing away the stress, and stress equals the false mind.”

Minhye Kim, a student at the center for three years, explained what she thought of the center, “The reason why I’m living here is because I wanted to do as many sessions as possible and at any time, and I’m around people that are doing it, so we all throw away our mind; our false mind, we feel like we’re all together as one.  We throw away our false mind and our true mind is showing…we don’t really argue with each other and know that it is our false mind [functioning] when we argue. It’s so peaceful to be here.”

Minhye explained the best thing about the center, “The food [Minhye laughs] we have the best cook ever; everyone cooks here. You see the garden, it’s all organic [Minhye points] it’s very healthy.  I lost so much weight when I came here.  When I throw away, my mind is healthy and body, everything’s healthy.” She expressed her concern about the center, “I feel so sad people don’t know about what we’re doing here so that’s why we want to advertise and let people know more and more there are many people that are stressed out and depressed taking medication and still the problem isn’t solved. People cannot find the method to throw away the stress so that’s why I went to so many stores and [hand out] brochures and recommend to people in the stores to at least come to the seminar and see what is mind and why we have to throw it away. I really recommend people to do it. My parents and sister’s doing it and a few of my friends did it and they all like it.”  Minhye explained how the center was different than others, “I didn’t really go to other meditation centers. There’s no place that has a method that works. I’ve been trying everything. All of the students here try something here to cleanse their minds and attain real, true happiness they couldn’t get before.”

There are eight levels of meditation centers; averaging 108 hours on level one. The cost is $150 per month for members to partake in unlimited sessions Monday through Saturday. The center has special seminars and there will be a lecturer on July 30th at 3 pm; the guest speaker is Won Baek. He is one of the guides in the Los Angeles Center. Won will be speaking 30 minutes and then there will be 30 minutes of video which talks about benefits of Maum Meditation.

Carol commented, “Maum Meditation alleviates the human mind of false existence; this is called human completion. This Maum Meditation causes a sensation around the world because we have the method to bring people to the highest level of existence.  The true purpose humans come to the world is to reach human completion, and this is the way to do it by coming one with the truth.  Minhye concluded, “I wish people who are my age would come here (she’s age 20)…not many people are interested, but my age is still struggling in school, socializing and all stressed out.  If you meditate it’s not an obstacle anymore…Best way for me to get away of stress. I don’t really worry about any future.  I used to be very stressed about it and very worried about my future and very depressed since I came to America.  I was very lonely;  so many international students feel that way, I know that, but once you throw away the false mind and find the true mind then yeah you don’t feel like that anymore.”

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