Fife Harvest Festival

The Fife Harvest Festival took place this past Saturday, October 1st at Dacca Park in Fife, Washington. The following events took place: a pancake breakfast was served at the Fife Community Center, a 5k fun run at Fife High School, a computer surplus sale at Fife City Hall, parade from 23rd to 54th avenue, mayoral address at Dacca Park, vendor and craft booths, caboose ceremony at Dacca Barn, locomotive tour at the Dacca Barn, milk carton derby at the fife Swim Center, free swim at the Fife Swim Center from 1:30 to 3 pm, a beer garden, chili feed, Dave and Mike Live radio show, live entertainment from Jeff Evans, magician and Alex Zerbe, zaniac/comedian, and a firework show to conclude the fun filled day (hot dog meals, kettle corn, lemonade, and free corn on the cob were also available at the festival).

Laurel Potter, marketing and economic development specialist for the city of Fife, explained that although the festival began sometime in the 1990’s, it has been consistent every year since 2005. “Free family event for the city of Fife and visitors,” she said. When asked what she looked forward to most about the festival, Laurel replied, “I just like seeing the residents and visitors having fun; council corn on the cob is always a big hit. One of the council members from Fife city council donates a bunch of ears of corn and the council cooks it all day long and hands out free cooked corn on the cob.” Laurel discussed what she thought of the festival, “I think it’s a great event free for family, lots of different things.” She feels the best thing about the festival, “It’s free family fun.”

Alex Zerbe, professional zaniac and comedy performer at the Fife festival, performs in comedy shows for various events including: library shows in schools, festivals and fairs, colleges, corporate events, etc.  When asked what a “zaniac” was, Alex replied, “You have to experience it for yourself it can’t be put into words.” Alex shared what many people may not know about him, “I’ve done my show in 13 different countries. I performed overseas for American troops. I used to be a professional hacky sack player.”

Alex discussed the best thing about his job, “Probably actually doing the shows and I can do lots of different types of things…Not the same thing everyday sometimes I’m marketing, creating new shows, learning a new trick, improving my musical tricks…during the show I get to do lots of different types of things…Doing the show is the fun part. Breaking down and setting up is what you pay me for. It’s fun, I like performing shows it is fun; I do tricks, act crazy, entertain people, and put smiles on people’s faces.”

Alex shared how he is different compared to other performers, “My attempt to provide a lot of variety to the show. I’m starting to do more song writing, the newest thing is a rap about being a parent something that’s new…not juggling or skill based more of that type of thing. I’m trying to branch out and do different types of stuff. That’s my goal…not sure how well I’ll execute it. I got a long ways to go.” Alex would definitely love to perform at the Fife Harvest festival again. Alex added, “The Festival had a great audience; whatever they did to get people in the theater was great…Had a great performing situation in a real theater with technical support…totally killer performing situation and got people there…[The stage was] not really close to festival, you had to go inside but, everyone knew about it and came and checked it out. They did a good job and well run on my end super smooth.” For more information about Alex Zerbe, please visit: For more information about the Fife Harvest Festival, please visit:

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