Forza Coffee Company on Bridgeport Way in Lakewood

Forza Coffee Company, located at 10240 Bridgeport Way Southwest in Lakewood, is definitely a top notch facility; relaxing cozy place to order and enjoy a tasty cup of coffee. It is a popular and friendly meeting place for the general public, business owners, and sales personnel alike. Gil Quante, Forza’s owner at this location, is an avid supporter of community events, participating in the “Fill the Fire Engine” event with West Pierce Fire and Rescue as well as L.A.S.A. (Living Access Support Administration) for Lakewood.

Christy Matson, manager at the Bridgeport Forza location, expressed what she thought of it, “Love it…love it…love it…the customers are awesome the ownership is awesome…very friendly environment very friendly neighborhood. Frank [co-owner] and Gil rock.” She described the best thing about the coffee shop, “The customers are super friendly and light hearted…like to have fun…very fun.”

Christy shared what many people may not know about the shop, “All the events and concerts that go on here on the weekends. We sell beer and wine after 5 pm. The owners are very much involved in anything they come across to help the community…they’re all about community.” She discussed how the coffee shop was unique compared to others, “I really care about serving the best cup of coffee I can, and make it a point to ask the customer if it’s okay…100% satisfaction is the goal with everything that we serve…Not just about making your tips and going home.”

Christy recommends the following menu items, “The sandwiches from Mike’s sandwich shop are awesome. Our smoothies are really excellent and we make our own homemade whip cream here.” Christy recommends her family and friends to the coffee shop, “I do, yes. Because it’s a family rated facility (Christy laughs). It’s a G-rated family facility. All age friendly come one come all come everybody. This is a good environment for business meetings. We’re definitely trying to build that.”

James Fowler, a regular customer and leader of the weekly Tuesday networking meeting, has been a customer of the shop since January 2011. “It’s my home away from home, the atmosphere; they’re friendly. The owners they do a lot of things locally but don’t publicize and go out of their way for the community and local business owners.”

James explained what many people may not know about the shop, “It’s a great place; it’s the place to meet in Lakewood. One, it’s laidback and like I said it’s the environment friendly environment and roomy in here, it’s not cramped. Of course I like it; I get 50 people in here every week [networking events].” James discussed how the coffee shop is unique compared to other coffee shops, “One is the size; it’s not cramped I guess we’ll say the baristas; it’s convenient and easy to find right off the freeway.”

James recommends the following menu items, “Lemon blueberry muffins, the Cuban sandwich, …hell every damn thing…the cookies, the muffins. You ever see any of us take it back?” When asked who he recommends visit the shop, James replied, “People who wanna do business. Students, business owners and in the evening people who just wanna have fun the upcoming madden [football game] next month. Half of entry fee to the Lakewood Police Officer Guild. Play football video game. Example [of how it benefits the community] the Boys and Girls club 10% every Wednesday for the month of August.” When asked if he recommended his family and friends to the shop, James responded, “What do you think; I invite 1200 people every week?”

If you’ve never visited the shop before, definitely make it a top priority. If you have, you’ll have to agree about the coffee shop has great food and drinks, friendly and spacious business atmosphere. “If you’ve never come, you need to come and try us you’ll like us,” Christy commented. “If you wanna do business, this is the place to be,” James concluded.

by Carly Calabrese, staff