Gas Prices in the Tacoma area

Gas prices have reached $4 a gallon or more at a majority of Tacoma gas stations. According to an article in the Tacoma News Tribune on March 6, 2012, gas prices averaged $3.96 a gallon, a retreat from the prices just over $4 first recorded on Friday. The article explained that the national average price was $3.718 a gallon, up a fraction of a cent from Sunday’s prices. The article also shared that Washington’s prices are higher than prices nationwide because of higher gas taxes and a supply restricted by geography.

What are local residents thinking and doing about it? Joe Punter shared what he thought of the issue, “The prices will remain high because the previous Administration was allowed to get the U.S. involved in a highly suspect war, and world oil prices have risen due to speculation, fear, and market manipulation by the supplier nations. The U.S. has more oil than the Middle East, but the oil companies have invested massively in the infrastructure and political pressure to continue to use those sources. The Government has made political alliances with the worst of the suppliers to allow them to hold the U.S. hostage by refusing to allow development of the resources within the U.S.” When asked if he believed the gas prices would remain high or climb even higher, Joe replied, “Prices should approach $5 a gallon again by midsummer, drop a bit during the fall, climb during the winter, and drop again next spring, but high prices are here to stay until we are willing to tell the producer nations that they cannot hold us hostage.” What is Joe going to do about this? “I already limit my driving, and other than that I will use my side income stream to supplement what I already do, and the prices should have less of an effect on my family and me.”

SJM, a former Tacoma resident, commented, “I think the gas prices will continue to rise until we adjust our activities concerning oil reliance. In the past, as gas prices increased, we as Americans adjust our driving and then prices decrease to entice us.” What is SJM going to do about the gas prices? “Fortunately, I get reimbursed for driving for work. However, I will look to minimize my travel on weekends. I am also looking into acquiring a hybrid vehicle. My goal is to truly reduce my reliance on gas,” SJM commented.

Ryan Sjoberg, a Port Orchard resident, shared what he thought of the issue, “It sucks, especially because I have an older car that gets terrible mileage.” When asked if he thought the gas prices will remain high or go up, Ryan replied, “Up. It’s almost summer time; prices always go up around now.” Is Ryan going to do anything about it? “Nope. If I need the gas, I have to buy it. I usually buy my gas at Costco, or use grocery points. There is also a local 76 station downtown that tends to be cheaper, so I’ll go there if I am in the area.”

Julia, a Puyallup resident, shared what she thought about the issue, “It seems it always goes up and down, maybe it’s because the weather’s nicer so gas prices will rise. Spring break is in April and people wanna take vacations and the gas prices won’t stop them from going places.” When asked if she thought gas prices will remain high or go up, Julia replied, “I don’t think higher. I feel like the prices will go a little higher, and then go back down. It’s not like we’re short on gas, we have so much in our country, and we don’t know what to do with it.” Is Julia going to do anything about this issue? “Probably not. I just come to work and probably won’t plan a road trip. I’m not going to protest, I doubt anybody would listen to me,” Julia said.

By: Carly Calabrese, staff for

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  1. It’s terrible how expensive gas is getting. We commute pretty far to get to my kids to school each day so on beautiful days like this, we look forward to, and feel great about, riding our bikes to breakfast and the drugstore. Hope prices will go back down soon.

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