Get a Taste of the Philippines

The Asia Pacific Cultural Center (APCC) is hosting a Taste of Asia event this Saturday, August 3, focusing on the Philippines. Learn how to prepare and cook Filipino food, and taste your efforts.

As part of the Asia Pacific Cultural Center’s mission of bridging communities through culture and education, the APCC brings the very diverse culture to people, and food is a great way to experience these differences. People from the far reaches of the planet take pride in their culture, and food is part of that experience. Teaching and demonstrating aspects of that experience is an extension of their cultural identity.

Albert Cosio told us more about the event: “This community represents such a rich diversity of cultures and the food is just another key part of that.  People who are interested in other cultures find the cooking class as a good way to enriched their lives as well as learn something new.  I choose easy recipes with ingredients that are easy to obtain.  I spent a little time talking about myself and how I came to be part of this community besides the food that I am fixing.  I want the participants to have a good experience and to be able to also share their skills with their friends.  For example, this month’s taste is the Philippine version of the egg roll.  Many people are familiar with burritos, spring rolls from different cultures throughout the world.  I want to show the Philippine version.  We actually have many versions both fresh and fried.  There is no greater compliment for a cook than for someone to ask them how the food is made. One of the unique things about cooking Philippine style is that in many of our stews or one pot meals if you will, we start with a trinity.  New Orleans cooking has a trinity of onions, celery and bell peppers.  Well, the Philippines also have a trinity as the basis for many of our foods, and that’s garlic, onions and tomatoes.”

This event can only give you a small sample of the flavors of the Filipino culture. “Just as each culture has depth, so does its cuisine,” Albert concluded.

Taste of Asia: The Philippines
Saturday, August 3
12:30 pm to 2 pm at the Asia Pacific Cultural Center
4851 S. Tacoma Way Tacoma, WA 98409

Event fees:
$25 per person for non APCC members, $20 for members.
Payment can be made in the form of cash or check on the day of the event.

For more information about the event, please contact the Asia Pacific Cultural Center at: 253 383-3900 or visit the Asia Pacific Cultural Center in person.
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2 thoughts on “Get a Taste of the Philippines”

  1. During my time in the Navy I visited the Philippines many times. I love to culture and the food is something to experience. I’m looking forward to attending this..

  2. Patsy O'Connell

    Different cultural experiences through Asia Pacific Cultural Center enriched my life.
    Especially living in the Country of Immigrants, if we understand others, we are better neighbors and friends. We all love and sustain our body through foods. What better way to learn and practice what we experienced to nourish our body and soul!
    Thank you to all those who wants to share their cultures.

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