Gingerbread Jamboree for all ages at the Children’s Museum of Tacoma

The Children’s Museum of Tacoma will be sponsoring an event for the public to come and create gingerbread houses on November 24-25. There will be four sessions at 10 am and 1 pm each day, with two and a half hours for families to create their gingerbread house at their own pace. Brenda Morrison, Director of Operations and Communications at the Children’s Museum of Tacoma, explained the details of the event, “We set up at the Hotel Murano at the Bicentennial Pavilion located at, 1320 Broadway Tacoma, WA 98402. Attendees will create a gingerbread fantasy out of a pre-built house. We have huge candy buffets, tons and tons of frosting, and we decorate the whole pavilion and have holiday music. It’s just a lot of cheerful fun and holiday activities going on.

There will be door prize drawings for memberships and fun museum things; sometimes tickets for special events and programs at the museum. Attendees can also purchase holiday themed gifts in the gift shop. We always serve a little snack during the event, for example at the morning session, a pastry and cocoa and in the afternoon, a snack that is less sweet. In past years, Santa Claus comes and talks to kids, ballerinas have come through at different times. We encourage people to check out the website: as we have no details of visitors at this year’s event.”

The pre-built standard size gingerbread houses are 12 to 14 inches tall by 14 inches deep and are a one-story gingerbread house. The cost for the gingerbread houses are as follows: $40 for up to four people to share the same gingerbread house, additional gingerbread houses can be bought for $20 each, or additional guests can be charged $5 per person. Those that are interested in participating need to pre-register by Friday, November 16, 2012 by calling: (253) 627-6031 ext. 236.

Brenda commented on what she thought of the event, “This event for the museum and my family is personally my favorite. It is a tradition for my family that we’ve been doing since my niece was 8 years old and now she’s 20 years old. It’s really a tradition for families. It’s a tradition for a lot of families to count on every year and have fun no matter how old you are. You can be an adult or a little child and equally have as much fun.”

Brenda discussed the best thing about the event, “I think the very best thing is that it transcends those ages not just for really young families, teenagers, or adults, but everyone together enjoying the holiday cheer. It’s the kick-off of the holiday season since it’s Thanksgiving weekend. Everyone in your family can do it and have fun.”

When asked what many people may not know about the event, Brenda replied, “They may not realize that it is a fundraiser for the museum every year. The money we bring in for the event helps support the museum and programs, which is more important this year that we do well. We are the first private non-profit children’s museum in U.S. that has donation only as its admission cost to the museum.”

Brenda discussed how this event was unique compared to others, “I haven’t seen any other gingerbread building events; the fact that it translates against all ages and families. We serve really little children primarily, but with this event we can serve the entire family.”

When asked who she recommended attend the event, Brenda replied, “We recommend everyone (Brenda laughs) the event appeals to everyone. It’s an activity that little kids can do and feel great about the product, have a lot of fun, and eat a lot of sugar. And for older kids and adults, it’s the artistic opportunity to make something beautiful or comical, or however they want to portray their house. They are using the same tools as the little people. Each person is going to have a unique product.”

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  1. What a great event to offer to everyone during the holiday season. I like the fact that this has turned out to be a family tradition to some and will become one for new comers. Plus helping out the museum as well. This is a great way to bring family and friends together and have fun. Thanks for the info Carly.

  2. Thank you, Carly, for sharing information about Gingerbread Jamboree with readers. I look forward to “Gingie” every year, both personally and professionally. As a museum staff member, it is one of the best times of year and so much fun to be a part of. As a new mom, I cant wait to introduce my 4 month old son to Gingerbread Jamboree!

  3. I love to seethese family events. It seems that people are too busy to capture these memorable moments with the kids. Nce article!!1

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