H-Mart Korean Grocery Tour with the Asia-Pacific Cultural Center

The H-Mart Korean Grocery offered a tour this morning, through the Asia-Pacific Cultural Center. Participants on this tour were also given the options of tours ant adjacent businesses, the Shin Shin Korean Department Store, and to have lunch at the Palace Korean BBQ Restaurant, all in the same complex.

Patsy Surh O’Connell, Founder/President of Asia Pacific Cultural Center, explained the purpose of the event, “The H-Mart Korean Grocery Tour is an event that is centered on the Asia Pacific Cultural Center’s mission to bridge communities and generations through arts, culture, education and business. We have many ways to educate our community about the Asia Pacific. Since our monthly “Taste of Asia” cooking classes, and monthly “Tea Experience” many participants have wanted to visit Asian Grocery, but they felt it was somewhat intimidating.  We want to give our community members a tailored tour to familiarize them about the Asian Grocery stores in our community.”

Patsy explained some background about the tour, “We have done two tours of the Asian Grocery stores in the past. This is not a regular event, and since the new H-Mart opened in Lakewood this past year, we have been working together with various events. We would like to promote their business by helping to make our community aware of that store.”

People who are interested in Asian cooling might not have access to the specific ingredients in their neighborhood grocery stores. Finding the resources of these specialty and ethnically oriented businesses helps to bridge the divide between language and culture, furthering the mission of the APCC.

For future tour opportunities, “those who love cooking with different ingredients definitely need to come. H-Mart will have many different food demonstrations for people to taste. This opportunity is great for you to get to know your neighbors and stimulating all your senses: touch, taste, sight, smell, etc.”

The enjoyment that Patsy derives from her involvement in these events is obvious. “I am interested in many aspects of life, and enjoy experiencing different cultures. It made my life richer, and gave me the ability to share interesting stories. I want to share that feeling with our community by giving them different opportunities.  So with many requests, and H-Mart’s willingness to partnership, we came up with this event.”

With a favorite quote of Patsy’s, she shared with us one of her philosophies:
“Everyone says life is short. Why not enjoy every day with new discovery and opportunity? Experience is the best teacher, provided we become the best students!” by Dr. Robert Anthony

H-Mart located at: 8720 S. Tacoma Way, Lakewood, WA 98499. At 12 pm participants

For more information about upcoming events or the Asia Pacific Cultural Center in general, please visit: http://www.asiapacificculturalcenter.org/.

By: Carly Calabrese, staff for Tacoma.com
Edited by Reba Winstead, editor for Tacoma.com

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  1. After reading your article I became curious about this place. So I logged onto Google street view since I am unfamiliar with the store you were talking about. I see Shin Shin and the Korean BBQ Restaurant. And near as I could tell the H-Mart Korean Grocery (I assume) is the place with the red sign written “In Korean” Correct me if I’m wrong but street view didn’t give a clear picture of the store. So if this is true and the store name is written in Korean then I’d see confusion as to what it is rather than intimidation. I’m glad you posted the picture of what the market looks like on the inside. But “I feel” if they are looking for more customers than just don’t advertise in Korean language only because most American’s can’t read Korean. Again if I’m wrong about the store name then I apologize. Next time I’m in the neighborhood I’ll look closer and go in to check out what they have. Looks like a normal grocery store to me on the inside that is. – Just saying.

    Oh” By the way great article and I know a woman who would also agree with Patsy’s philosophy of “enjoying new discoveries and opportunity”. She’s an awesome person and I just happen to be a fan of hers.

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