Historic Homes of Tacoma: North Tacoma Highlights Tour, 2013

Saturday, May 4, and Sunday, May 5, the Tacoma Historical Society will sponsor the “Historic Homes of Tacoma North Tacoma Highlights Tour” featuring 6 private residences in the Stadium/North Slope Districts of Tacoma, Stadium High School, First Presbyterian Church, and the South Chapel (reception area).

The six private residences that the public can tour will vary with age and style; from Victorian architecture to Four Square, Tudor cottage styles.  The tour times vary, and individuals can take as long as they would like between the hours of 10 am and 5 pm on Saturday and 1 pm to 5 pm on Sunday, however, once they visit a location, they cannot re-enter it. People can drive and/or walk to the different locations. The tour is self-guided and docents will be available. Additional information about each of the homes can be obtained in the guide booklet about the history of each of the residences.

The Tacoma Historical Society’s mission is to present and preserve Tacoma history. They fulfill their mission by collecting historical artifacts and hosting events to promote interest in Tacoma’s history. The society started in 1990, and this is the 19th annual Tour of Homes, which is held annually in May.  “We wanted to show Tacoma’s architectural history since there is a lot of it, as well as some of its social history. It also serves as a fundraiser and that’s been true since the beginning. It’s always been a fundraiser and an opportunity to show off some of our history. Most of the people that attend are from Tacoma, but not all. I think it’s a unique opportunity to explore the interior of homes, churches, and public buildings that are not ordinarily accessible to the public. Some people use the tour for ideas on decorating their own house” said Jim Hoard, member of the Tour of Homes Committee.

“The Historical Society has monthly meetings and walking tours in the summer. We have a research center and gift shop. We publish a quarterly newsletter about the society itself. We have walking tours in the summer every year at the historic cemetery, including re-enactors that talk about the historic person and sometimes walking tours in neighborhoods.” Jim also recommends that anyone with an interest in history, architecture and grand homes attend the homes tour, or join the society for their other events.

If you are interested in purchasing tickets to the event, you can purchase tickets in advance of the event for $20 per person, by visiting the Northwest Shop in the Proctor District, Stadium Thriftway, and the three Columbia Bank branches: 21st and Pearl, Fircrest, and South 19th and Union. People can also purchase tickets the weekend of the tour at the First Presbyterian Church in Tacoma.

For more information about the tour, please visit: Tacomahistory.org.

By: Carly Calabrese, staff for Tacoma.com

Edited by Reba Winstead, editor for Tacoma.com

4 thoughts on “Historic Homes of Tacoma: North Tacoma Highlights Tour, 2013”

  1. The next time I visit Tacoma,I would like to go on this tour. Being a BIG fan of great architecture I would love to see the uniquiness of these historical treasures. Thank You Carly.

    1. They do different homes every year. I went and it was worth going to (I saw 4 out of the 6 homes) since we ran out of time and toured Stadium High School and the First Presbyterian Church.

  2. Sorry I missed this event. Sounds like it was fun. Maybe next year. Carly not long ago you wrote about a living history event at a local cemetery where people stood in for history makers of the past. Is this an annual thing? I’d like to attend the event next time. Can you let us know when it’s going on again?

    1. I remember them doing it in the June time frame. I went to it and it was great. Very interesting, not long winded. You go on a tour around the cemetery to approximately 8 to 10 grave sites and each re-enactor is dressed up as that person at the grave site talking about that person’s life. Tickets were really affordable ($8 or so). I would recommend you go. The Tacoma Historical Society does that event yearly (in addition to this tour of historic homes).

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