Holiday open house at the Benton’s Twin Cedars flower shop


Sue B. is the Designer/Extrodinaire at Twin Cedars Florist Shop.












Saturday, November 26, 2011 from 9 am to at least 3 pm, the Benton’s Twin Cedars flower shop located at 724 East Main Avenue in Puyallup, Washington will be having their holiday open house event. Korrice Pederson, owner of Benton’s Twin Cedars Florist, explained that when customers come in they are greeted at the door with a basket to shop and customers can have a raffle ticket for every $10 they spend. There will also be another raffle every hour where customers will have to be present to win. Garden baskets will be given away at the raffle. Di Bellezza, a brand of jewelry, will be available at the event as well. Most things except Di Bellezza will be 50% off in the store. Homemade goodies will also be available.

Korrice shared what she thinks of the event, “It’s really fun and we’ve been doing it four years now and all of our new stuff will be out. Look out there, the pallets of stuff…things we just ordered.  Pearl whips are $10 apiece; on sale for $5, that’s our Marilyn Monroe, ferry, black and silver, coppers and gold (Korrice is referring to the various decorated themes of her shop), plaid is in the other room. We also have a secret unveiling that we can’t talk about. Our window’s closed off until the morning of the event.” Korrice feels the best thing about her holiday open house, “Just the commadarie, the fun of it, and no pressure you don’t have to buy anything, you can come down and people can bring their friends.”

The Benton’s Twin Cedars flower shop has been in existence for 65 years and Korrice took ownership of the shop 6.5 years ago. “I think my shop is awesome. I have a Christian shop that reads, “From thy bounty for thy glory,” on all our business cards. We’re a full service floral shop. We have a wide delivery area…all those zip codes we deliver to [Korrice points to her whiteboard]. Benton’s Twin Cedars Florist does custom work for weddings, funerals, retirement parties, personal parties, business parties, and have the following F.T.D. services (floral transworld delivery) where customers can order online and have flowers shipped all over the world.

Cindy is Designer and General Manager at Twin Cedars Florist Shop.












Korrice discussed the best thing about her shop, “My customers because they’re very, very, nice people to work with. People that come in here are usually thinking of someone besides themselves…they’re kind. I like working with them and my employees are all like family…like a bunch of sisters and two brothers; a young one and old one. We have 11 employees.”

Korrice mentioned how her flower shop is unique compared to other flower shops, “I have the best designers; all award winning designers. I have a really nice gift shop with all current gifts and home décor. In the summer we sell outdoor décor (patio furniture, for example: bistro tables). [Korrice pointed to a table in the center of store] that’s for sale we have as much as we can in here.

The reason I think people should come in is the friendliness of the staff, everyone’s really helpful and care about what we do, our designs, and they take a personal interest. We stand behind our work.”

Korrice added, “We have a shop dog that’s our greeter, his name’s “Mac.” We do special order gourmet baskets. I think the cool thing about our shop is that we have unique things for customers who don’t know what to buy: flowers, jewelry, candles, decorations, and if you can’t find them something, they can always give a gift card and they can come get what they want. It’s the uniqueness of what’s in here. We shop all over the U.S.; we haven’t gone out of the country yet. We’ve been to Texas, Chicago, Florida, and Georgia.”

Brittany is the Designer/Decorator at Twin Cedars Florist Shop.












When asked who she recommended shop at her store, Korrice replied, “Anybody that wants excellent, distinctive gifts, and designs. We’re not like cookie cutter people; everything’s kinda custom done.” Does Korrice recommend her family and friends shop at her store? “Yeah, everybody come down. Everyone’s family like in our house. Our gift shop is in a house, we welcome them and try to make them feel welcome…Happy and sad people come and we try to accommodate everyone here.”

Korrice commented about her holiday open house event, “Take the stress out of your holiday shopping, come down here, and have some fun, we don’t hurry anybody they eat: apple cider, coffee, homemade fudge, cookies, and bread. We have music and we had a book signing here one year.” She recommends the following people to come to her holiday open house, “Everybody that’s looking for something unique and beautiful for their holiday season and wants to relax…Anyone that wants to support a small business. It’s the weekend of the big sales at big stores, ours is more personal.”

For more information, please call: 253 845-9573.

By: Carly Calabrese, staff