International Games Day

International Games Day was an event that originated by a group of game loving librarians to celebrate gaming in all its forms. The event took place at the Puyallup Library this past Saturday, November 16, and included traditional board games, video or computer games, role playing games (RPG), or tabletop miniature games. At first glance, libraries may not seem like a natural fit for people who play games.  Because of libraries’ traditional role, connections can be drawn. Libraries provide a place for people to meet, a place to learn (about unfamiliar games), and a space to (quietly) play games.

Carol Hopkins, Children’s Librarian at the Puyallup Public Library, explained the history of the event, “The Puyallup Public Library started celebrating Games Day back in 2008, when it was called National Gaming Day.  The librarians started this annual event because we wanted to share our own love of gaming with other like-minded people in our community.”

International Games Day events vary.  The local Puyallup Public Library changes the program from year to year, depending on what is popular, and  support from the community.  This past summer, the teen summer reading program hosted a Minecraft build competition.  This program was so popular, and there was demand for such a program for younger children, that the Library decided to continue the program again as part of the International Games Day program line-up.  This time, the Minecraft program was open to children, teens, and young adults’ ages 8 to 21.

“For a second year in a row, the wonderful people at Games Workshop demonstrated their tabletop miniature game.  The Games Workshop demonstrations took place during the Free Gaming Time event along with board games and video games.”

This is a fun event where people can join in to play games with friends and new people.  Trying new and unfamiliar games in encouraged. The most important aspect is for everyone to have fun. There are plenty of opportunities to try something new, regardless of your preferred type of game. “Last year, I remember two young boys who never met before, having a great time playing Monopoly because it was someone new to play with.  Sometimes it can get boring playing a game with the same circle of friends or the same family members. This Games Day event allowed everyone to get together with others who like to play the same or similar games,” remarked Carol.

Stay tuned for International Games Day next year at the Puyallup Public Library, by calling 253-841-5454 or visiting

By: Carly Calabrese, staff for