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Janet Large, a hypnotherapist, educator, success coach, and business consultant explains what she does for a living, and how she does it. Originally born in Denver before landing in Washington, she considers herself a “native” of Washington State since 1965. When asked to describe herself in three words, Janet replied, “Tenacious, because people are always telling me that I can’t fulfill my dreams.  Often times when I talk about working with the veterans, I find 20 or 30 naysayers to every person that is optimistic about the program. I am patient.  Change takes time and effort and is an investment on the part of the client as well as the educator, trainer, hypnotherapist, or consultant. I am generous…. family trait; it comes naturally.”

Janet is an educator, working 27 years in the public schools as a K-12 teacher and 4 years at the University and Community College level teaching education coursework. She is also a success coach, working primarily with business leaders, athletes, and people suffering from PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), as well as a beauty consultant. Janet has been a hypnotherapist since 1989 and has specialized training in business, medical, skin care, and educational techniques.

Janet shared the best about her jobs, “I love the flexibility of setting my own schedule.  I love the different careers I have chosen because I love to see people experience growth in their confidence, self-esteem, and to reach to a new level of success in every aspect of their lives and all of my careers strive to accomplish those aspects.” Janet discussed what led her to her career path, “I became a hypnotherapist because I had the opportunity to work with behaviorally disturbed youth as a young teacher.  I discovered that when people understood how the subconscious mind was driving their behavior and thoughts and not the conscious mind…. it was a no brainer for me.  In the classroom I was working on the cognitive level to change their emotional problems and I needed a different tool in my basket!  It worked and I never turned back.” Janet explained how she trains people how their subconscious and conscious minds work and help them learn how to use both of them to eliminate the barriers that create stress, anxiety, fear, doubt and worry and teach them how to manage, wealth, prosperity and abundance in all areas of their lives.

Janet mentioned what many people may not know about her and her current job, “Many people are unaware of the partnership I have with Jennifer Babb of Paws-Abilities, the largest dog training facility in the Pacific Northwest.  I am working with the service on a dog training program for war veterans. I  help the veterans hypnotically to work with their service dogs as they go through cognitive training to get their lives back in order.”

When asked what her hobbies were, Janet responded, “Most of my hobbies include trying to beat my own thoughts of fear and expand my personal growth horizons.  I love networking, meeting people, and discovering what life has to offer.  I love to discover what other people’s hobbies are.” Janet discussed what she plans to accomplish with her career within the next few years, “I would like to extend my teaching to motivational speaking and working with larger corporations as well as veterans.” When asked what advice she would give someone who wants to be in her career, Janet replied, “Listen to your heart and your desires.   Don’t let the nay-sayers convince you to stop or hide from your interests. Hypnosis can benefit your life and others if you keep it in perspective to your own interests and area of expertise.” Janet added, “I would encourage anyone searching for emotional peace of mind to learn how to relax, to contact a hypnotherapist in their area and have a face to face consultation so you can decide first hand if it is something that can help you create solutions to your problems. If you are a veteran suffering with PTSD with or without a dog, I would suggest you check out the opportunities at Paws-Abilities.”

By: Carly Calabrese, Tacoma.com staff

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