Kangroos Escape and are on the loose! (contest at the Museum of Glass)

Green Guy Needs Your Help: Museum of Glass Launches Contest to Find Missing Kangaroos

Tacoma, Wash. — Australia has taken over the Museum of Glass with over 90 Australian glass pieces on display as part of Links: Australian Glass and the Pacific North West; but ten kangaroos have gone missing! From Friday, June 28 to Wednesday, July 31 the Museum of Glass will be holding a contest to find the ten kangaroos hidden around Tacoma and on the Museum of Glass website.  The winner will receive passes to Museum of Glass and the Woodland Park Zoo, tickets to the Grand Cinema, and a Starbucks Gift Card.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1:
Find a kangaroo!Five are hidden in Tacoma stores and restaurants, and five are hidden on the Museum of Glass website on various pages.

Step 2:
If you’ve found a kangaroo in Tacoma, tweet @MuseumofGlass #foundkangaroo with your name and an original picture of the kangaroo you find. If you’ve found a kangaroo on the website also include a link to the page that you found it on. You will be entered into a drawing for passes to the Museum of Glass and the Woodland Park Zoo, tickets to the Grand Cinema, and a gift card to Starbucks Coffee. Your name will be entered once for each individual kangaroo you find, so find multiple kangaroos to increase your chances of winning!

Step 3:
Find all of the kangaroos and wait for the drawing to take place on Monday, August 5th. We’ll let you know who the winner is via our Twitter page. Also, check out the Woodland Park Zoo’s tree kangaroos: http://www.zoo.org/page.aspx?pid=1909#.UcnRiTu1HSg

Terms and Conditions: Find the Kangaroo Game is open to everyone except Museum of Glass board of trustees, staff and volunteers and their families.

The Museum of Glass provides a dynamic learning environment to appreciate the medium of glass through creative experiences, collections and exhibitions. In addition to the Hot Shop Amphitheater where visitors can watch artists work, the facilities include galleries, outdoor exhibition areas, a theater, hands-on art studio, grand hall, café and store. Museum of Glass is sponsored in part by Alaska Airlines, Forest Foundation, The Ben B. Cheney Foundation, City of Tacoma Arts Commission, ArtsFund, The Dimmer Family Foundation, and The Greater Tacoma Community Foundation.

For more information about Museum of Glass: Hillary Ryan, Communications Manager, 253.284.4732, hryan@museumofglass.org

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