Lego My library! at the Puyallup Library

Lego My Library!” is a children’s program at the Puyallup Library that started this past fall. The program’s focus is for 4 to 8 year olds, but 9 to 12 year olds are also welcome, as well as their parents. There are even “Duplos,” which are giant Legos for children that are under four years of age.

Bonnie Anderson, children’s librarian for the Puyallup Library, explained how the program worked: “When the kids come in, we do a story and give them a challenge of some kind related to the story, for example, if the story dealt with food, we would have the children make a food item with Legos. It doesn’t have to be complicated; maybe the child will create a hamburger. They are free to build whatever they want with Legos.

The children are getting literature, fine motor skills, and eye hand coordination and believe it or not, reading skills. It’s literature with fun and reading related skills.”

The program runs every Saturday at 11 am, until April 29, 2012 in the middle of the children’s area in the Puyallup Library. No rsvp is required; people are just encouraged to show up. The program lasts for an hour.

Bonnie commented on the program: “We’re having a lot of fun doing it. It challenges us and finds something fun for kids to build on and we enjoy promoting all the skills they learn. It increases their attention span, creativity, logical and mathematical thinking and logical reasoning, answering the question: how can I make this shape with these pieces? Problem solving things, such as that will see them through school.

It’s tactile and kinesetic learning, which increases student learning in other words “play, paves the way for learning.” [This is according to a Science and Children Journal.] Legos are fun, but they are also an ulterior motive of getting them to read.” (Bonnie laughs)

Bonnie feels the best thing about the program, is that it combines play with learning.

Bonnie commented: “Most people do not know that we’re doing it and don’t think about the fact that Legos and other manipulatives, things you use hands for, are a pre-reading skill, but it is because of the eye hand coordination used to follow letters on the page to read.”

When asked how this program is unique compared to others, Bonnie replied, “The uniqueness of kids using Legos, which they have around their home in a new and exciting way.”

Bonnie welcomes everyone to come, “Everybody; especially kids age 4 to 8 years of age and everyone that’s interested is welcome to join us. It’s a great way to have fun at the library.”

For more information, please call: 253 841-5454 or visit:

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  1. The first Lego My Library storytime of the Winter/Spring session will start on Saturday, January 5 at 11 am. The Puyallup Public Library welcomes all families to enjoy the fun of stories plus Legos.

  2. Aw,I LOVE Bibloteccas(Libraries) !!!! Legos is a nice way to lure kids and ‘kids at
    heart’ away from their “Technological Dependancies”.

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