Lorri and Gene cancer fundraiser Monday December 12th

Richard Wills and his wife Samantha 'Sam' Hayden, owners of Northwest Advanced Medical Massage in Puyallup

From noon to 8 pm Monday, December 12, 2011 Northwest Advanced Medical Massage in Puyallup will be hosting a fundraiser for Lorri and Gene. Richard Wills, owner of the Northwest Advanced Medical Massage, explained the purpose of the fundraiser, “A few months after normal check-ups, Lorri and Gene were diagnosed with stage 3 cancer. They are both friends and clients of Northwest Advanced Medical Massage. We along with our friends from Northwest Blue Skies, a group of entrepreneurs that help promote each other, will be assisting with this fundraiser. Janet Large will be conducting group hypnotherapist sessions. One will be boosting the immune system targeted specifically towards cancer. Ron Roberts, professional photographer, will be here to take 8 X 10 photos for a donation. Customers can purchase additional photos from Ron as well. 25% of the proceeds will go back to the cancer fund. Cindy Sexton will donate two or more home baked pies for the auction. She has a Facebook article that noted she’d auctioned her pies for as much as $300 in the past.

Sam (Samantha Hayden, co-owner of Northwest Advanced Medical Massage) and I will be offering 10 to 15 minute hand, foot, or neck massages for a suggested donation of $10 to $15, which all goes to the cancer fund. Terri Rincon, a party lites distributor, will be offering party lites. People can buy the fundraiser party lites and from one of the three different sets of tea candles offered for the fundraiser, 50% of that money will go to the fundraiser. One type of party lite is $15 and the other two sell for $20. Terri will be demonstrating her other choices.

Sapphire Skies Design will be donating handmade wire wrap jewelry. The pies, jewelry, and two 60 minute massage gift certificates will be donated to the cause either to be auctioned or raffled at the event. There maybe other services/donations as they become available and you can stay tuned for them on Northwest Advanced Medical Massage’s Facebook page. My goal is to raise $4,000 total; $2,000 for each of the cancer patients to pay down their deductible for their insurance.”

Sam shared what she thought of the event, “I think it’s kinda exciting because you wanna help people during the holidays and helping people that you actually know and seeing the money going directly to people you know versus an organization who knows how much the money’s cut up. It’s just exciting to be able to do that.” Richard commented, “When I heard about both of these people (Lorri and Gene) I said a fundraiser would be a great way to help give back to the community because of what the community does for us as a business.”

Richard discussed the best thing about the fundraiser, “Bringing people together for a worthy cause.” Sam added, “It’s about community support, if your neighbor’s having a hard time, help them out.”

Richard mentioned how the fundraiser was unique compared to others, “There is no middle man and the money goes to the cancer victims.” “Businesses (that will be at the event) aren’t really keeping the profits for themselves,” Sam added.

Richard recommends anybody that lives within 10 to 15 miles of Puyallup to attend the event. Sam recommends, “Anybody looking to get out for the holidays. Have your gifts wrapped and try to get some of the auction/raffle stuff for a Christmas gift for someone. Buy a gift certificate for Christmas…make it a holiday thing.”

For more information about this fundraiser event, please email: Richard@nwamm.com. “Please come and donate to this worthy cause. We hope to turn this into a Monday afternoon party, there’s no door fee to get into the event,” Richard added. “It’s gonna be fun,” Sam concluded.

By: Carly Calabrese, staff for Tacoma.com