Mattress Mania

Mattress Mania sells an assortment of brand new mattresses, beds, pillows, and mattress protectors. Located on South 12th Street in Tacoma, they are not a big retail chain; but provide the same great products and customer service, at a lower price. Steven Doolan, President of Mattress Mania, since its inception seven years ago, explained how prior to opening Mattress Mania; he worked for a mattress company that went out of business. There were approximately 150 employees at his company that were out of a job (including himself). Steven liked the mattress business and decided to open Mattress Mania when he couldn’t find a job that was close to his home. “[I] decided to open the business to create a job for myself.” June 1, 2004 is the birthday of Mattress Mania.

Steven expressed what he thought of Mattress Mania, “I like helping people find the right bed. Our business philosophy is different, we don’t sell mattresses…we let people buy. When someone buys something there’s no buyer’s remorse when they’re in control (we, Joe [sales associate at Mattress Mania], and Virginia [part owner of Mattress Mania]) educate people on mattresses we sell…Let them try it out, answer their questions…try to be supportive. We can give fairly good advice about mattresses to avoid [purchasing the wrong item], we’re not doctors…Only four people have wanted to return [items that they have purchased from us] three of the four were people purchasing something against my advice.”

Steven shared, “We only sell mattresses you can find in other stores, we don’t prevent people from comparing prices. We don’t have sales ever. Sales are expensive, you have to heavily advertise and raise prices to drop them.” Steven explained the best thing about Mattress Mania, “You get to deal with the owners face to face; come in here I don’t have to phone anybody to get answers [for the customer]…Direct contact with people to get answers…Deal with problems.”

When asked how Mattress Mania was better or different than other mattress stores, Steven replied, “Don’t like the term better…Rare no sales.” Steven explained how he swaps out mattresses for the customer the same day. Steven believes that big mattress chains have difficulty providing customer service, including department stores. Steven is from Canada, “We should be grateful for being here.” He added, “Independent mom and pop stores deal with problems the first time.”

Steven described what many people may not know about Mattress Mania, “Locally family run company, locally owned by family and friends…Strange location, simple, inexpensive rent to keep prices where we want them…one tenth of a mall’s price…More control over pricing…trees block us from a block and a half away. We only sell mattresses that are made locally.”

Joe Allen, a product consultant at Mattress Mania for three years, expressed what he thought of Mattress Mania, “Best mattress place I’ve ever worked for it’s a good place to work and good place to buy…Because Steve’s honest and fair and he has integrity.” Joe explained the best thing about Mattress Mania, “Really, I hate to say the pricing; it’s the respect that we give the customer when they come in. My personal view, the respect I get from my boss Steve.”

Joe explained how Mattress Mania is better or different than other retailers, “Just the respect I get and the fact I know I’m giving someone a good quality product for a good price, not cheating anybody. I know we will take care of people in the event of an issue.” Joe recommends Mattress Mania to his family and friends, “Yep, absolutely just sold a bed to my brother as a matter of fact. Because again good quality product at a better price than other mattress outlets.”

Virginia Sweetpumpkin, part owner of Mattress Mania, has worked for Mattress Mania since its inception. When asked what she thought of Mattress Mania, Virginia commented, “If you wanna buy a mattress we’re the place to come to (Virginia laughs) we do customer service. We’re a small store, a neighborhood store, reasonable prices, good quality products, and good customer service.”

Virginia described the best thing about Mattress Mania, “The people…because we don’t treat you like another customer that walked in the door. We treat you like you’re part of family we know with the way economy is every penny has to be budgeted. We’re not like, “oh geez that’s the price…can’t help you” we bend over backwards…layaways…we give you the best discount that we can. We’re a family store. Steve and I go under the old adage of an old family store when they used to be all over the place. You know exactly who your customers were and knew they could get a good deal and that’s what we are. We’re almost a dinosaur, I guess.”

When asked who she would recommend visit Mattress Mania, Virginia replied, “Anybody that wants a mattress because we will listen to what you’re telling us…won’t put you on a mattress that is not right for you. If you come in and say, “I can’t sleep at night and need a hard mattress”, we’ll let you try a hard one and then move you up to one softer. A lot of people come in thinking they need a hard mattress for support, no you don’t.” It’s a no brainer that Virginia would also recommend her family and friends to visit Mattress Mania as well, “Oh definitely because it’s a good mattress, we have excellent good mattresses there. I have over 6 foot grandsons…I put them on an extra long twin mattress I mean we’re not talking about little boys (Virginia laughs)…And they’re very, very, rough on everything they own and they’ve held up very well [the mattresses]. Steve and I both have mattresses from the store in our home. We sleep on the products that we sell.” Virginia continued, “I absolutely adore my competitors because I like to show them what I have if it’s the first place you’ve visited… kind of a course of what each mattress is made of and send to my competitors and that way I don’t get buyer’s remorse [from the customer, the customers] know what’s out there, [they are] intelligent buyers and know what’s in the mattress…9 out of 10 times they come back to me.”

“Go shop the big retailers first and then come see us you’ll be amazed at the savings and the quality of our product,” Joe commented. Steven’s advice to all customers, “To go to at least three mattress stores, wear really comfortable clothing, don’t be in a hurry…take your time.” Mattress Mania is open seven days a week for your mattress needs. When the staff writer of asked Steve which mattress was better between the two she had laid on, Steven’s response had been, “Only you know which is better.” With Steven’s approach to letting the customers decide what’s best for them with low sales pressure, Steven was right when he said, “If you’re gonna shop for mattresses  in the Tacoma area, make this one of the three stores to check out.”