May Day Celebration on Tuesday, May 1, 2012

On Tuesday, May 1, 2012 Puget Sound Revels will sponsor a free May Day celebration at Fireman’s Park in Tacoma from 6 pm to 7:30 pm. Fireman’s Park is located at 803 A Street Tacoma, Washington 98402. Debbie Birkey, Puget Sound Revels events coordinator, explained the event, “Puget Sound Revels is one of 10 cities across the country that creates seasonal celebrations and the building of community through music, dance, and drama. This May Day event will include instrumental musicians, singers and dancers who invite the community to join in to welcome the spring. There will be flower crown making and a May Pole and music activities led by Puget Sound Revels music director Megan Oberfield and the Revels singers.


Debbie provided a snapshot of what Puget Sound Revels is, “Puget Sound Revels is a

community arts group that promotes seasonal celebrations through song, dance, and

stories. We celebrate the fall equinox with our annual “BridgeSing” on the bridge

of glass in Tacoma, and are most well known for tour wonderful Christmas Revels

show each December in Tacoma’s Rialto Theatre. The Christmas Revels show, a fully

staged professional level production, includes professional actors, auditioned local

performers, and a full children’s chorus. Each year, the theme and setting of the

show changes and represents one culture’s interpretation of the Winter Solstice.”


According to the history on the Puget Sound Revels, “they incorporated in 1992 and

produced their first show, a Spring Revels, at the Scottish Rite Temple in Seattle

in May 1993 followed by a Sea Revels at the same location in May 1994. The first

Christmas Revels followed the same year in December 1994 at the Rialto Theater in

Tacoma. There has been a Christmas Revels every year at the Rialto since 1994.” (


Debbie commented: “Puget Sound Revels loves to do these events. Throughout the year

we present “Pub Sings”, our annual “Salon” series, and concerts. Groups of Revel

singers have performed at many Northwest events including: the Seattle Folk life

festival, the Tacoma Maritime Fest, Tall Ships Festival, First Night, and other



Debbie shared the best thing about Puget Sound Revels, “We are a unique theatrical

organization. We do events across all age groups. I’m the children’s music director

as well. I have a children’s chorus that participates in the Christmas Revels

production. Puget Sound Revels will be sponsoring a children’s summer event called,

Singing in the summer” on June 30, 2012, for children ages 5 to 12. It is an all

day event with crafts, stories, singing, dancing, and nature activities in a

beautiful garden in Fircrest. If people are interested, they can call: 253 756-1804

or visit our website:”


Debbie even mentioned that all walks of life have participated in Revels

productions. Debbie stated, “Our casts have included everyone from doctors, lawyers, teachers,

stay-at-home moms, and even a few local government types, like City Councilman David

Boe, who performed as a magician, in a recent Christmas Revels show!”


Debbie recommends everyone come to the May Day celebration, “All ages, children,

families, and anybody that wants to have a good time making music and enjoying the

outdoors. People just show up and have a good time. It is fun; everyone’s welcome.

You don’t need to know anything about it, we will teach you everything. Everyone is

invited to join in the fun of singing and dancing. Our event is planned to go on

rain or shine, but, of course, we hope for a sunny evening!”


For more information about the event or about the Puget Sound Revels, please call:

253 756-1804 or visit their website: .


By: Carly Calabrese, staff for

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  1. What a fun opportunity where people from all backgrounds can sing, dance and perform together….Sounds like a really great community activity!!

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