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Megan Bostic is the mother of two crazy beautiful girls and resides in Tacoma. She’s a novelist, blogger, amateur poet, who loves the sun, the Seahawks, is partial to monkeys, pizza, and the color black.

When not writing, she can either be found at her day job as a legal marketer, kickboxing, walking the Narrows Bridge, on the beaches of ocean shores, at her older daughter’s soccer games, or younger daughter’s band gigs.

Megan’s first novel, “Never Eighteen”, was released in January, 2012. Megan’s latest young adult novel, “Dissected”, was just released November 12th on Amazon, in paperback, and on Kindle. The release date for the Nook will be announced soon. You can read the description on her website:

In discussing her book, Megan had a lot to say about the main character, Syd. As a young adult novel, the target market for her books are high school age and up, but “I think anyone who has loved and lost, anyone who has ever felt abandoned or betrayed by someone close to them, anyone struggling with ways to cope with their emotions and demons will identify with Syd.” Syd struggles with coping in some socially unacceptable ways, such as cutting. “I think anyone that has been through that will also be able to relate to her. For me, coping mechanisms are like an addiction, so anyone who has suffered through things like drug addictions, eating disorders, and self-harm should be able to connect to Syd’s toils and triumphs.”

One of the main threads in the book is that the character has to learn to open up to others. Megan uses the analogy of the wild rose in it’s pod; that the hard exterior opens up to show a fragile interior, easily destroyed with even a delicate touch.  “It’s only when she realizes that [herself] and opens up; like that pod, exposing her fragility to others, showing them her scars that she truly begins to heal. As a reminder that no matter how bad things get you are never alone. There is always someone who has traveled a similar road, or someone willing to reach out and help. You just need to find them.”

Some reader comments about “Dissected”:

“I liked it. I am disturbed by it. I was sucked in by it…… Bostic’s writing speaks to the reader’s heart, and that is a gift.”
~ Laura Denehy, Library Media Specialist, Merrimack Middle School, Merrimack NH

“Raw and vulnerable look at a young girls downward spiral into drugs after being betrayed by her boyfriend. Heartwarming? No. Real? Hell yes! ”
~ Jen Bigheart, Librarian, Westbank Community Library
District Director, Austin Teen Book Festival

“Girl in Motion” is Megan’s next book. The story is about a teenage girl in Texas who wants to play high school football to garner the attention of her estranged father. Megan estimates that the book will be released sometime in 2014.

For more information about Megan and her books, please visit: You can also follow her on Twitter @meganbostic and Facebook author page,

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  1. Thank you for hosting me on! I’m happy to answer any questions readers have as well and they can reach me through my website.

  2. I’ve read Never Eighteen and Megan knows how to capture the angst and turmoil of being a teen so well. I’m looking forward to Dissected, which I know will be a tough story, but sounds like an important one.

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