Mexican food that won’t break the bank

Chevy’s Fresh Mexican Restaurant, located on South Fife Street in Tacoma, has delicious authentic Mexican food. The menu ranges from appetizers and quesadillas; to Grande salads, soups; to fresh Mex combos with the ability to build your own combination. The menu also includes: lunch items, happy hour (reduced menu items), sizzling fajitas, burritos, tacos, and an assortment of drinks and desserts in either a bar or restaurant atmosphere.

Chevy’s Fresh Mex restaurant is a wholly owned subsidiary in a casual dining atmosphere. Chevy’s was founded in 1973 in Alameda, California by Warren Simmons, Sr. and Warren “Scooter” Simmons, Jr. There are approximately 100 Chevy’s Fresh Mex locations in the United States.

Kendra            Lopez, a hostess, at Chevy’s for three years, expressed what she thought of the restaurant, “I think it’s fun because the servers have been here for awhile and you get to know them and become friends…And management works really well with your schedule and I go to school and I normally work weekends; and summer I work all the hours I want. They’re really flexible about that here, and I like that about them.” She explained the best thing about the restaurant, “The family atmosphere of it and the different types of people we get, and it’s crazy. We have a business card drop off [in which customers can win] a ten foot burrito for a party and it’s cool; sometimes I take them out [the business cards] and it’s cool that we get so many different people that come here.”

When asked what many people may not know about the restaurant, Kendra explained, “Some people call asking to talk to the parts department and we’re not associated with Chevy cars or Chevy Chase, that funny guy. I think it’s funny [Kendra laughs]…They call to look at a certain car.” Kendra recommends the following menu items, “My favorite is the chicken fajita salad it comes with apple chipotle vinaigrette and they make it table side so you can see it tossed…really delicious one of my favorites. The flautas are really good one of our most popular items…And I love our salsa and chips [Kendra laughs].”

When asked if she recommended her family and friends to Chevy’s, Kendra replied, “Yes, three of my family members, my dad and two other sisters both are servers and [my] dad [works]  in kitchen. We love this place, their food is different than most Mexican restaurants…And if you want something a little different, and not Azteca, it’s totally different but I love it.”

Crystal Wills, a bartender, at Chevy’s for ten years, shared what she thought of the restaurant, “It’s fun…it’s fun, it’s a good environment. I would probably have to say staff and obviously I have a ton of regulars that make it worthwhile and friendly; fun staff that’s like family.” She explained the best thing about the restaurant, “The food, the drinks [Crystal laughs] I would have to say our freshness like our fresh food. This is the only place I know that is fresh and not out of cans.”

When asked what many people may not know about the restaurant, Crystal replied, “How hung over the staff is [Crystal laughs]. It’s funny to watch you know.” She recommends the following menu items, “Crab and shrimp Enchiladas, Napa Valley quesadilla, and our mixed grill fajitas; those are like three big sellers and really good items. Those are almost my first recommendations.” Crystal recommends her family and friends to Chevy’s, “Oh absolutely my friends and family come here all the time. Good food, good staff, [and] good service. I think we have a really good group of servers and bar staff that are  really attentive and everyone that’s been here has been here a long time; two to six years…When one [team member] falls behind, the other picks them up, which is really good.”

Krystal Cart, Manager, at Chevy’s for four and a half years, expressed what she thought of the restaurant, “I love it…I love being here. The guests really make me happy to be here. They’re very friendly, very open; they do tell you a lot of things…one made me laugh and cry (laughed so hard). They do care about us and guests bring us cookies, gifts, depends on what day it is.” She discussed the best thing about the restaurant, “Still the people that come in and I’ve worked somewhere else people were horrible…Good clientele that we have.”

Krystal shared what many people may not know about Chevy’s, “A lot of people don’t know we use everything fresh; no cans, made fresh daily, not lying around the kitchen the next day.” When asked what programs and events Chevy’s had, Krystal replied, “We do have the lunch program…Buy 4 meals and get the fifth one free…Free meal on your Birthday if you sign up for the compadres club (Krystal explained “compradres” meant friends, amigos). We have a lot of coupons out there, too buy one meal and get the second for $4.99 (some are entertainment book, Valpak, and also mailers to surrounding areas). We do 10% off for military, fire and police department, and we do kiddy tours for free…Depending on the number of children that come in the early morning and get a tour of the kitchen and the machines. They also get a little snack taco. We do a lot of donations (food) to boys and girls club [and] various churches and schools around. We did one for Foss’ [high school] wresting team…10 foot burrito auctioned off at certain fundraisers. We do so much I can’t keep up anymore…Free Birthday meal for kids and Chiquita sundae and a sombrero and sing a little silly song to them [those that are age 12 and younger].

When asked if she recommended her family and friends to Chevy’s, Krystal replied, “If I don’t enjoy eating something and I’ll tell you and won’t recommend it. I feel we take a lot of pride in what we do. If there is a problem, we like to fix it as soon as possible. My friend wanted to do her Quinceanera but can’t fit 150 people here.”

Gary Smith, a server and bartender, at Chevy’s for six years, shared what he thought of the restaurant, “Well, I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t like it. It’s a great place. I’m one of the main servers here. I get whatever I want here (shifts).” He explained the best thing about Chevy’s, “Flexibility (with schedule). If I’m scheduled, I can call other people to work and cover my shift.”

Gary shared what many people may not know about Chevy’s, [Gary laughs] “The drama. This [the restaurant] is a family atmosphere each and every one of our servers have a good clientele of regulars that we treat like family and they treat [us] like family.”

Gary recommends the following menu items, “I love the shrimp and crab enchiladas, the steak tacos, fish tacos, and the carnitas (slow roasted pork).” When asked if he would recommend the restaurant to his family and friends, Gary replied, “Oh definitely; family atmosphere, lots of kids, environment is very subtle no adult stuff where kids would be scared. I would definitely recommend to family and friends. My family and friends have come.”

Chevy’s Mexican restaurant is open Monday through Thursday from 11 am to 11 pm, Sunday from 11 am to10 pm, and Friday and Saturday from 11 am to 11 pm. Visit during happy hour, lunch, dinner, and check out their banquets and catering opportunities at: Kendra stated, “Just that they [customers] should come and try it, it’s different really different than other Mexican restaurants (the food) and they’ll like it.” “My question is for readers, what’s their favorite thing when they come here?” Crystal, the bartender stated. “Keep every day a Chevy’s day,” Krystal Cart, the manager, concluded.



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  1. I wonder how a large national chain compares to a local restaurant or a smaller, regional chain? I’ll have to try it and compare someday, as I am used to local restaurants.

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